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Mats Möller is one of the most versitile among Swedish flutists who here presents an amazing collection of pieces for solo flute, all composed the last 100 years. On this double CD you find all the important modern solo music for this both lyrical and sometimes terribly disturbingly sounding instrument. The cd is an exposé of the evaluation of the flute and flute music from Debussy's Syrinx, written in 1913 as the first "modern" flute piece, to a new-written (2000) piece by the Hungarian-born Swedish composer Csaba Deák. Several pieces are also first recordings, and the production is also a pure flute technique exhibition, that could give lots of inspiration for flutists worldwide. Mats Möller also speaks about this on his homepage.

Mats Möller, flute & bass flute
Stig Bengtson, flute*
Cina Sönstevold, bass flute**

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Debussy: Syrinx

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VLT: "Mats Möller shows himself as a tremedously skilled interpreter of modern flute music. He masters all quick and technically demanding changes between expressions, all challanging shiftings of moods, all craving exchanging of short plays on clang and sustained themes. This is a grandios documentation over the modern flute music literature!"

Sonoloco: (read the full sonoloco review here)
"Just the list of names above makes me dizzy… The 20th century has seen a good deal of flute composition, but the shear presence of all these mighty names in succession on one issue puts you up for a great experience!
Only once in a good while a CD release comes along that feels really important, one way or another. Years may pass in between. This is such an important issue, no doubt. It is very interesting to venture through this packed set, from composer to composer, just traveling (for the most part) the one flute of Mats Möller."


CD 1
[1]Claude Debussy (1862-1918) LA FLÛTE DE PAN/SYRINX (1913) 2'22
[2]Edgard Varèse (1883-1965) DENSITY 21.5 (1936/46) 3'31
[3-7]André Jolivet (1905-74) CINQ INCANTATIONS (1936) 17'23
[8-10]Sven-Erik Bäck (1919-94) SONATA (1949) 11'37
[11]Giacinto Scelsi (1905-88) PWYLL (1954) 3'35
[12]Luciano Berio (born 1925) SEQUENZA (1958) 4'42
[13-15]Hilding Rosenberg (1892-1985) SONATA (1959/65) 13'48
[16]Brian Ferneyhough (born 1943) CASSANDRA'S DREAM SONG (1970) 7'19
[17]Toru Takemitsu (1930-96) VOICE for solo flutist (1971) 6'36
[18]Jukka Tiensuu (born 1948) CADENZA (1972) 4'12
CD 2
[1]Jan W Morthenson (born 1940) DOWN (1972) 7'13
[2]Ebbe Grims-land (born 1915) THEMA DES TAGES (I) (1977) 4'43
[3-6]Torsten Nilsson (1920-99) DIE SCHÄFERIN, Sonata op 74 (1976-77) 14'13
[7]Karl-Erik Welin (1934-92) SOLO PER FLAUTO (1983) 8'51
[8]Anders Eliasson (born 1947) DISEGNO per flauto (1984) 7'37
[9]Stellan Sagvik (born 1952) MATZAM (1984) 3'46
[10-13]Maurice Karkoff (born 1927) SUITE op 168 (1989) 8'54
[14]Miklós Maros (born 1943) CINGUETTIO per due flauti (1995) 7'00*
[15]Johannes V. Möller (born 1981) FENG for two bass flutes (1997) 6'14**
[16]TOCCATA (1998) 4'10
[17]Csaba Deák (born 1932) FUVOLA (2000) 5'01

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