nosagcd 199 - MARY CHARD PETERSSON -

Composer and producer Per Gunnar Petersson writes about this CD:

"In May 2009 a dream came true with the inauguration of a new organ from the Italian organ builder Fratelli Ruffatti, Padova. This was a dream I had nurtured during my 30 years as organist in the Parish of Älmhult, Sweden. A vision of a symphonic instrument of superior international quality, combining classic organ building technique with state of the art technology. An instrument with twin consoles in order to facilitate the use in liturgical services, for accompaniment of choral works as well as solo repertoire. Having achieved this, we wish to demonstrate some of the instrument’s possibilities through this CD. It is also a great pleasure to have Mary Chard Petersson, my wife and colleague, as the performer. The title of the CD – Dancing Pipes – is borrowed from the composition I wrote for the inauguration. It summarizes the predominant mood of the repertoire – rhythmically vibrant and lively music: Tanz-Toccata, Dancing Pipes, Dance Suite, Bach´s G major Concerto with its exuberant character, as well as the miniature Humoresque by Pietro Yon. As a contrast we have included a few contemplative pieces, and the CD concludes with three songs for treble choir and organ. The latter illustrate the versatility of the instrument when combined with choir, as well as being representative of the musical activity in the parish."

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Per Gunnar Petersson - Dancing Pipes

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 Johann Sebastian Bach 1685-1750
 Concerto in G (nach Johann Ernst) BWV 592
 1. (I) 3:20
 2. Grave 2:46
 3. Presto 1:54
 Pietro A Yon 1886-1943
 4. Humoresque ”L’organo primitivo” 2:32
 Johannes Brahms 1833-1897
 5. Herzlich tut mich verlangen 3:08
 Per Gunnar Petersson *1954
 6. Dancing Pipes (2009) 5:36
 Nils Lindberg *1933
 7. Visa från Älvdalen 6:44
 (Old Swedish folktune from Dalecarlia)
 Noel Rawsthorne *1929
 Dance Suite
 8. March – On Ilkley Moor 2:20
 9. Dancing Feet 2:24
 10. Waltz 3:08
 11. Danse des Papillons 3:02
 12. Line Dance 4:49
 Per Gunnar Petersson
 from Organ Mass (2010)
 13. Agnus Dei 2:30
 Anton Heiller 1923 - 1979
 14. Tanz-Toccata (1970) 5:30
 Per Gunnar Petersson
 Tre canti sacri for 2-part treble choir and organ (2008)
 15. Laudate Dominum 3:00
 16. Dona nobis pacem 4:00
 17. Alleluia 3:00
 durata: 59:00

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