Quite a remarkable organ has been used for this recording: the one in the Blue Hall in the City Hall of Stockholm, largest in Northern Europe. So it is, even though neither organ pipes nor organ prospect can be seen in the Hall. This hall is well known around the world through the festivities taking place in it in connection with the awards of the Nobel Prices on December 10 every year. A beautiful, red-brick Hall - not at all blue, by the way, even if the City Hall architect Ragnar Φstberg originally imagined its walls plastered in blue, something which never materialized. When Φstberg saw the red-brown brick walls in real life, he decided to keep them such. Also, an organ of appro-priate size was installed in the Hall. It was a donation of the business man Oscar Hirsch - in order to render to the Stockholmers free access to good organ music.

The Stockholm City Hall Organ is here exposed to music from three centuries and six countries. The great organists Per-Ove Larsson, Per Thunarf, Mats Ericson, Anders Bondeman & Ralph Gustafsson give us splendid performances at the console of the Stockholm City Hall Organ.

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Lemmens: Fanfare

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CD 1  
1 Jacques-Nicolas Lemmens: Fanfare 3’33 ME
2 Jean Langlais: Arabesque 3’51 POL
3 Gustaf Heintze: Fantasi 8’59 RG
4 John Stanley: Voluntary in F 5’07 AB
5 Enrico Bossi: Scherzo g-moll 7’10 PT
6 Oskar Lindberg: Gammal fäbodpsalm 4’46 POL
7 Waldemar Åhlén: Allegro festivo 9’30 ME
8 Erland von Koch: Lamento 6’05 PT
9 Alfred Hollins: Concert Overture 7’50 PT
10 Charles-Marie Widor: Adagio 5’00 ME
11 Charles-Marie Widor: Toccata 6’23 ME
CD 2  
1 Norman Cocker: Tuba Tune 4’18 POL
2-3 J. S. Bach: Fantasie & Fuge c-moll 9’00 AB
4 Gustaf Hägg: Pastoral 8’03 PT
5 Joseph Jongen: Sonata eroica 19’20 RG
6 Sigfrid Karg-Elert: Soul of the Lake 5’40 POL
7 Sigfrid Karg-Elert: Legend of the Mountain 4’35 POL
8 Klockspelet i Big Ben, London 0’25
9 Louis Vierne: Carillon de Westminster 6’50 POL
10 Klockspelet i Stockholms Stadshus 0’40
11 Improvisation över Örjanslåten 15΄35 AB
AB=Anders Bondeman, ME = Mats Ericson, POL =Per-Ove Larsson PT=Per Thunarf, RG=Ralph Gustafsson

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