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INGER WIKSTRÖM, composer, pianist, conductor
Inger Wikström´s musical artistry has won the enthusiastic appraisal of audiences and critics throughout the world. She started performing in public at the age of 8. At 16 she played for the first time with the Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra, and some years later she made successful debuts in London, Berlin and New York. Since then she has played in most European countries, USA, Latin America, Russia, Israel, Africa, China, Japan, and Australia. She has received several international awards a.o. the order of Rio Branco, the Villa-Lobos medal, the Bartók medal, and the Adelaide Ristori Prize. In 1977 she founded the Nordic Conservatory of Music, and in 1980 she founded the Nordic Chamber Opera.

From 1953 until his tragic death in 1961 Dag Hammarskjöld held the position as Secretary-General with the United Nations. He died in an air crash close to Ndola, while flying on the mission to negotiate a cease-fire between the Katanga and United Nation forces. After his death, the manuscript of Vägmärken-Markings was found in his home in New York.

The Outlaw is one of Strindberg’s earlier works. The play is set on Island during the Viking era. It opened at the Dramatiska Teatern in Stockholm 1871. The Outlaw, the opera composed by Inger Wikström had it’s world première at Confidencen, Castle theatre of Ulriksdal. This CD includes five scenes from the live recording of the original cast.

The response from the young audiences around the country instilled Wikström’s determination to continue to write music for both children performers and audiences. She has since her début let several literary classics come to life on stage, set to her music, such as James M. Barries much loved story of Peter Pan. Here distilled into a piano suite we can follow the adventures of Peter Pan.

Markings/Vägmärken - Suite for Baritone and Piano
Text Dag Hammarskjöld
Michael Bartov baritone
Inger Wikström piano

Highlights from the Opera The Outlaw - Den Fredlöse
Text August Strindberg
Thorfinn – Erik Saedén
Valgerd – Catharina Olsson
Gunlöd – Chesne Ryman
Orm – Bengt Krantz
Gunnar – Anders Andersson
The Messenger – Björn Ohlsson
Nordic Chamber Opera Orchestra
Conductor Inger Wikström

Peter Pan Fairy-tale Suite
Piano Inger Wikström

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Inger Wikström: Narrspelet / Fool´s play

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1 Prelude 1.33
2 Vidare drives jag / Onwards I am driven 3.00
3 Skönhheten var en ton / Beauty was a note 3.30
4 I en virvlande förintelses eld/ In a twirling incinerating fire 1.58
5 En linje, en skugga en färg / A line, a shade, a colour 3.12
6 Narrspelet / Fool´s play 1.44
7 Tonande tystnad / Ringing silence 2.09
8 Tidens flykt / Flight of time 3.30
9 Trött och ensam / Exhausted and alone 3.30
10 Är det ett nytt land / Is this new land 3.09
11 Vägen, du skall följa den / The path, you will follow it 4.13
12 Postlude 1.58
Total time 33.26
13 Valgerd and Gunlöd 4.07
14 Thofinn, Orm, Valgerd, Gunlöd 3.45
15 Gunlöd 3.55
16 The Messenger, Thorfinn, Orm 3.19
17 The Messenger, Gunlöd, Thorfinn, Valgerd, Orm, Gunnar 13.12
Total time 28.18
18–24 Peter Pan – Lullaby – Tinkerbell – The flying lesson – In space – Wendy´s story – The Duel
Total time 9.36

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