Spoon Jackson was born in 1958 in a small town in California. At the age of 19 he was sentenced to life in prison for murder. In 1985, Spoon began writing poetry with such success that he began being called "the poet."

While preparing the theater production of Samuel Beckett’s "Waiting for Godot" at the San Quentin prison, the Swedish director Jan Jönsson came into contact with Spoon Jackson, who was persuaded to take part in the play to wide critical acclaim. Spoon has not only written drama and poetry, but also novels, fairy tales, and short stories, as well as an autobiography. Spoon Jackson has also been awarded the prestigious PEN Prize for his writing.

The music on this CD is the second written by Stefan Säfsten on poems by Spoon Jackson. (The first was "Freedom for the prisoned" nosag CD 101). Words of Realness is a philosophic, spriritual and very real work, where the composer and the author meet in a various styles music. The texts are included as a poems book in the package. Spoon Jackson participates on the CD by reading some of his poems (the recordings were made in secret, inside the prison walls with not allowed equipment).

Words of Realness was performed during June 2009 in the prison housing Spoon Jackson, by the same artists that recorded this CD.

Stefan Säfsten has been a church musician in Kista parish outside of Stockholm since 1983, and was educated at the Royal University College of Music in Stockholm. He has worked with choirs spanning all age groups in the Kista parish. Stefan has conducted and led many different ensembles and choirs even before he began working in Kista. Stefan has a wide experience within most musical styles, and is as happy performing sacred music and chamber music as he is playing jazz, pop, and dance music. He has played in big bands, brass bands, and rock bands. He has also performed quite a bit of chamber music.

Stefan has also composed and arranged much music for different types of ensembles. During 2002 and 2003 he toured Germany and the Czech Republic with his choir, Järva Röster, performing the mass "Leva i världen" (Live in the World, nosag CD 057), which Stefan wrote in 1998.

vocal soloist Rebecca Davant
recital Spoon Jackson /Stefan Säfsten
flute Magnus Båge
clarinet Lotta Pettersson van den Poel
oboe Christina Bell
piano Stefan Blomqvist
violin 1 Josef Cabrales Alin
violin 2 Lina Söderholtz
viola Anna Weibust
cello Emma Lindhamre
contrabass Backa Hans Eriksson
choir Järva Röster
conductor Stefan Säfsten

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1: Intro 0´53
2: Realness 4´38
3: Sweet Mother Earth 6´34
4: The hand 0´34
5: The Norm 5´00
6: No world 0´49
7: No Moon 3´34
8: More Rain 4´43
9: SAG 3´47
10: Let Go 3´50
11: Hope 6´12
12: April Showers 4´01
13: Interludium I 0´59
14: Forgetting 3´33
15: Interludium II 0´56
16: Moment To Moment 5´52
17: Yesterday’s Ken 0´43
18: My Reward 4´17
19:Realness II 3´11
 Total durata: 64´17 

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