nosagcd 162 - ANDRÉ CHINI - EALLIN

The Same population is the original people of the North of the neighbour countries Sweden/Norway/Finland. The Same culture is very colourful, rich in tradition and with its very own type of chanting - the jojk - a traditional storytelling like a musical formula mantra that evokes spirits of nature as well as daily working duties or old stories.

Swedish composer André Chini is born in the mountains of Southern part of France and his people are very similar to the Same in tradition, closeness to nature and music formula. Chini on this CD interprets the jojk chanting soul into a contemporary orchestral piece with lots of rite percussion and clang of the unseen. He also presents the mystery of Arctic light in another great piece - Norrsken, as well as transforming the myths and stories from the North into other of his chamber music pieces.

As an extra bonus we also hear traditional recordings of jojk chanting by four different Same voices.

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Chini: from "eallin"

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Anna Maria Johansson/
Jonas Edvard Steggo
1Renkalv/Björnen (traditional jojking) 0´45
Norrbottens kammarorkester
2eallin 24´04
Mattias Kullojok3Ulldevis (traditional jojking)0´40
Mårten Landström/
Musik i Uppland
Jonas Edvard Steggo6 Björnen (traditional jojking)0´13
Lars-Erik Rosell/
7 Norrsken12´48
Sara Maria Andersson Norsa8 Vallning (traditional jojking)0´36
(Tape /
André Chini,oboe)
9Två vackra möss13´45
 Total durata: 79´10 

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