On this CD composer and pianist Göran Agdur continues his cooperation with violinist Semmy Stahlhammer with whom he previously released the album Dawn Earth. Similar to Dawn Earth (nosag CD 051), you will find a mixture of different character pieces for violin and piano. Some of these pieces bring out a folkloristic nordic tone, but here is also waltzes and music which might have been inspired by Romani music.

All stylistic comparisons aside, this music is ultimately very personal and specifically Agdurian one could say. The melodies are strikingly songful and you almost get an impression of the violin pronouncing invisible lyrics. Sometimes we are moved to the telling of a fairy tale, an atmosphere of once upon a time… However these shadings always gather together in the beauty of the violin melody; this expression is always at the center.

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Agdur: Beate

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1Hands folded1.36
3Laterna man2.28
4Valse valse3.38
5Morning sun2.29
7Body burn1.08
9Valse seul1.58
10In the forest I remain2.12
11The night with K.1.45
12Yaggo the ruschine4.50
13A newly made bed2.01
16Red Ruby1.41
17The tracks in your snow2.57
18Ono tsara Zoja tjaga1.59
Total durata: 39:03

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