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Most of the music on this CD is Gregorian chant, otherwise known as "plainchant" or "plainsong" - the oldest kind of vocal church music and, accordingly, the oldest music still performed regularly. In its original form it is sung in unison, and the words are always liturgical (part of the church service). Mostly they come from the Bible, and usually from the book of Psalms.

True to the ensemble´s desire also to include contemporary music in the program, to link this ancient way of singing to our times, two composers of today has set old texts to music - Tu es Petrus is composed by Per Gunnar Petersson and Salve Regina by Maria Löfberg.

Schola Sköndal, an ensemble of eight male voice singers specialising in early vocal music, mainly Gregorian plainsong but also early polyphony. It was formed in 2002 and made several tours of varying duration throughout the length and breadth of Sweden. The leader was the late Karl Göran Ehntorp, director of music at Stora Sköndahl Church and head of the department of church music at Ersta Sköndal University College.

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Introitus: Spiritus Domini

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1. Spiritus Domini Introitus 4´16
2. Benedicte Dominum Introitus 4´17
3. Kyrie 1´48
4. Gloria 3´55
5. Opportebat Alleluia 2´43
6. Stetit angelus Offertorium 2´40
7. Sanctus 1´27
8. Agnus Dei 1´36
9. Cantate Domino Communio 7´02
10. Ego sum pastor bonus Communio 4´37
11. I begynnelsen var du hos mig Psalm 2´45
12. Lumen ad revelationem Antifon 1´35
13. Tacka Herren Psalm 3´04
14. Halleluja: Lammets bröllop Canticum 3´32
15. Tu es Petrus Psalm 2´43
16. Tu es Petrus(P G Petersson) 3´58
17. Tiden är inne Psalm (Viadana) 3´20
18. Salve Regina Antifon 2´40
19. Salve Regina(M Löfberg) 2´50
durata 59:53

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