nosag cd 148 - JAN H BÖRJESSON -
- alla leggenda

Jan H Börjesson (b. 1969) currently serves as the organist of St. Pauli Church in Gothenburg and is also regularly engaged both as an organ and vocal soloist. He regularly serves as an organ expert in matters of organbuilding and restoration as well as publishing. He plays here the organ of Jönköping Kristina Church. Börjesson writes about this CD:

"What is a legend in the musical sense? The question is difficult to answer perhaps when it refers to a romantic title intended to set the imagination in motion. Can there be similar traits among works by diffferent composers that bear this title? Those familiar with Swedish music might think immediately of Emil Sjögren’s 24 Legends.
In my preparation for this cd I explored many different composer’s works who chose to use the title Legend and have found that Sjögren’s pieces – which were originally intended to be titled Preludes – are not representative in their character. The musical legend is often a piece that has a narrative, almost epic character and also often contains highly dramatic impressions and explores a large dynamic range.
Whether my line of argument holds in general for Legends, I believe it does apply to most of the pieces represented on this cd. The music was primarily chosen to be suitable for the instrument in question but these pieces have much in common in their character as well.
Even the works of
Karg-Elert and Bossi that did not have the Swedish organ as their point of departure for composition adapt very well to the organ in the Kristina Church. We know that on Bossi’s many concert tours to Sweden, he expressed his great satisfaction with the Swedish organs. The organ building firm of Setterquist in Örebro even received an extremely enthusiastic letter of recommendation from the famous organ maestro. It has also been my goal to present a number of Swedish works that rarely are performed and a many of the works have not been recorded earlier."

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T Rangström: Invocatio

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Otto Olsson
1-2 Preludium och Fuga diss-moll 12´48

Wilhelm Peterson-Berger
ur Anakreontika
3 Flöjtspel på Peneios 3´40
4 Drömtydning 3´42
5 Anakreons dans 4´01

Carl Bengtsson
6 Legend 6´36

Oskar Lindberg
7 Konsertfantasi 10´06

Viking Dahl
8 Liten Suite 7´05

Ture Rangström
9 Invocatio 2´13

Enrico Bossi
10 Legende 7´50

Sigfrid Karg-Elert
11 Legend 7´38

Total 65´46

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