The tender Baritone Saxophone Player and composer Boo Egebjer here presents thirteen hymns and songs that document the close collaboration with his friends in Piteå Kyrkokör, conducted by Kerstin Baldwin, and also show a slowly growing musical Gospel work where the prayer is always at hand but the arrogance and self secure attitude is far away. These songs in Swedish will work their way into the gospel singing of many choirs in the Nordic countries.

The choir singing is accompanied by great players
Jerry Winblad von Walter, flute
Johan Tegheim, piano
Erik Lundström, bass
Stefan Söderlund, guitar
and the composer
Boo Egebjer, baritone saxofon

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Egebjer: from Julbön

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1 Doppsalm 229
2 Bröllopspsalm 228
3 Bönepsalm vid Sändningen 348
4 Psalm vid Avlösningen 335
5 Julbön 334
6 Kyrie 402
7 Laudamus 318
8 Bönepsalm för de Saknade 504
9 Lovpsalm 334
10 Offertoriepsalm 215
11 Psalm om en nådig Gud 326
12 Som en vårflod i mitt bröst 235
13 Vår Fader 403
durata 4410

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