The Swedish composer Gunnar Bucht on this CD presents a collection of his chamber music compositions written during five decades - from the Six seasons´ songs from 1965 up to the violin duo Tre per due from 2004. We meet the composer in a sound universe where his very personal tone and voice is always heard, regardless of time or type of ensemble.

The most significant caracteristics of the music of Gunnar Bucht can be simplyfied in one word - orchestral. His music is always powerful, dynamic and filled with colours, even if the "ensemble" is a solo piano or two violins - you almost hear an orchestra playing. This is not in any way meaning that his music is always loud and heavy - on the contrary; few ensembles can play as soft and quiet as a full orchestra, or for that matter - a choir. You get the full spectrum of expression from the chamber music of Gunnar Bucht, who by the way is most known as composer of gigantic orchestral pieces ;-)

The music is performed by great Swedish artists:
Annika Skoglund, Soprano
Love Derwinger, piano
Duo Gelland, violin duo
Members from Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra
(conducted by Jan-Lennart Höglund)
Aguéli-kvartetten (Jan & Marie Stigmer, PO Lindberg, Torbjörn Rapp)

You need Real Audio to listen to these files:
Bucht: from Sex årstidssånger Ett höstligt hav är jag
Bucht: from Tre per due (Duo Gelland playing)

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Sex årstidssånger (1965) 15´53  
1. Jag går ensam 3´43
2. Lik en vårdag1´22
3. Det glider en båt2´25
4. Brus, ett blodsstilla2´10
5. Som löjas buk2´10
6. Ett höstligt hav är jag4´01
7. Á mon gré (1978) 11´30
Quatre pièces pour le pianiste (1985) 12´41  
8. I Fluente3´23
9. II Con delicatezza2´45
10. III Con spirito1´14
11. IV Agitato5´17
Stråkkvartett nr 3 (1997) 23´40  
12. I 6´19
13. II6´46
14. III4´09
15. IV6´29
Tre per due (2004) 15´26  
16. I Sotto voce4´38
13. II Con bravura5´14
14. III Ed é subito sera5´36
durata 79´18

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