nosagcd 2126 - LADISLAUS HORATIUS -

The music of philosopher Ladislaus Horatius is very little known, though he has been working as a composer and pianist for very many years. Therefore it is double treat to present this extreamly interesting double CD, filled with his music from 30 years gardening of the outmost oddities of our world.

The release also contains a thought-filled thick book in DVD-booklet formata, carrying artistical photos as well as the musical and philosophical thinking of Ladislaus Horatius - in Sweden he is most known because of his provocative pulling of the emergency break onboard the fast train X2000, claiming the speed of man has reached its limits. Ladislaus hasn´t...

Meet him in this rich and very versatile musical and textual portrait with a heap of great artists performing his music:

Ladislaus Horatius (piano, synthesizers, programming, vocals)
Björn Haugan (vocals, jodel), Ulrik Qvale (vocals), Lars Cleveman (vocals)
Magnus Lanning (cello), Dan Laurin (recOur Full Catalogue)
Stefan Nilsson (synthesizer), Niklas Sjöberg (electric guitar)
Magnus Lindman (recitation), Stockholm String Ensemble
Növér Sisters & Heidi, Helmut und Wellgunde (backing vocals)
Diana Nuñez, Inger Ohlén (backing vocals), Lars Beijbom (drums)
Mad Dogs and Hungarians (demo group)
Frankie Goes to Bayreuth (cover group)

You need Real Audio to listen to these files:

Ladislaus Horatius: The Journey to Dis
Ladislaus Horatius: Diventimento

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CD I 71´21
1 The Journey to Dis
2 Meditation
3 Transmutation
4 Sternenmoral
5 Lethe, Send Your Waters
6 Prière (from 5 Albumblad)
7 Memento Mori (from 5 Albumblad)
8 The Lobster's Tune When He is Boiling
9 Kaffé mit Schlag
10 Life's a Beach (and Then You Swim)
11 I Remember Mozart
12 Ode to Heaven
CD II 74´30
1 Diventimento
2 Devinette (from 5 Albumblad)
3 Mirage (from 5 Albumblad)
4 Jeunesse (Printemps) (from 5 Albumblad)
5 Canon for Green Lion
6 Sylph with a Slight Limp
7 Salve, Radix Sancta
8 A Rock and a Hard Place
9 Avenue U
10 Chimera
11 67 % Swing
12 Homo Sapiens Mating Song
13 Siegfried Follies
14 Party in Valhalla
15 Oh, Star of Eve (Sången till aftonstjärnan)
16 Vienna, Vienna
17 Bonus track: All You Need is Bredband

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