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The Högalid Church in Stockholm has three fine organs: the gallery organ, built in1966 by the Hammarberg Organ Company, and a choir organ, built by Mads Kjersgaard from Uppsala and inaugurated on May 25, 1984. At the start of 2005, a small continuo organ with three voices, built by the organ maker Janis Kalnins from Ugale in Western Latvia, was added.

Nils Larsson has been organist at the Högalid Church in Stockholm since 1992 and is considered one of the finest in improvisation in different styles and idioms. On this CD you hear him make astonnishing things both in his own contemporary right as well as in the moods of e.g. Buxtehude and even older masters.

The program as a whole really gives a splendid view over the timbres and colours of the three organs - music spanning from Frescobaldi over J.S.Bach to contemporary Swedish composers like Olof Olovsson and Stig Gustav Schönberg.

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Larsson: Improvisation - Scherzo and Toccata

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CD 1: Inspelad i Högalidskyrkan, Stockholm 29/6 2005 (durata: 78´03)
J S Bach (1685-1750):1. Preludium och Fuga Ess-dur BWV 552 16´14
Nils Larsson (1956) - Improvisation: 2. Jeux de flûtes 4´35
  Var inte rädd, det finns ett hemligt tecken;   
  Sv Psb 1986 Nr 256   
Otto Olsson (1879-1964): Credo Symphoniacum
  3. I. Introduktion - Allegro: Credo in unum Deum 13´45
  4. II. Choral: Jesus Christus nostra salus 14´07
  5. III. Final: Veni Creator Spiritus 13´20
Waldemar Åhlén (1894-1982): 6. Allegro festivo (1925) Inspelad 11-13/10 2005 9´37
Olov Olofsson (1947): 7. Toccata per organo (2005) Inspelad 11-13/10 2005 7´21
CD 2: Inspelad i Högalidskyrkan, Stockholm 11-13/10 2005 (durata: 79´53)
Girolamo Frescobaldi (1583-1643):1. Toccata Quinta 4´57
Nils Larsson - Improvisation: 2. Praeambulum 2´20
Nils Larsson - Improvisation: 3 Versetter över Sv Psb 1986 Nr 150: Du segern oss förkunnar
  3. I. Choral in Cantu 2´08
  4. II. Choral in Tenor 1´44
  5. III. Pro Organo Pleno, Choral in Bass 3´14
Nils Larsson - Improvisation: 6. Preludium ”Stylus phantasticus” 7´07
J S Bach (1685-1750): Ur Pastorella BWV 590
  7. Sats II Andante 3´05
  8. Sats IV Allegro 4´24
Nils Larsson - Improvisation: 9. Fugue á la gigue över Sv Psb 1986 Nr 4: 2´19
  Hela världen fröjdes Herran
Stig Gustav Schönberg (1933): 10. Effatà (1976) 12´21
Åke Malmfors (1918-1951): 11. Passacaglia och Fuga (1948) 13´35
André Fleury (1903-1995): 12. Final ur Orgelsymfoni nr 2 7´21
Nils Larsson - Improvisation: 13. Scherzo och Toccata 15´09
  över Sv Psb 1986 Nr 338: Som ett klockspel
  total: 157´56

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