nosagcd 110 - MATHIAS KJELLGREN -

The very talented young Swedish organist Mathias Kjellgren here presents real classical favourites, played on the organ of Norrtälje church, built in 1872 by P.L. Åkerman. Rebuilt several times during the 20th century. Totally rebuilt in 1971 with for instance new windchests, but 13 of the original stops was maintained, but restored.
In the year 2001 an additional digital console was installed in the chancel of the church and additional digital stops were installed by Allen Organ Company.

Mathias Kjellgren carries out an extensive activity as concertorganist and has given recitals in almost all part of Europe, in the USA and South Africa. He has also collaborated with several symphony orchestras, among others the Royal Opera Orchestra in Stockholm, the Norrköping Symphony Orchestra, the Gävle Symphony Orchestra among others. He has recorded several CD:s both as a solo organist and chamber musician together with different soloists and ensembles, and appears both in national as well as in international radio and television.

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M de Falla: Rituell elddans

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THE CRITICS: " On this disc Mathias Kjellgren plays the organ of the church in the town of Norrtälje. Though the organ does not have a big sound, it has a very bright one that is a pleasant change from those on many organ recordings. As we will see this is the perfect type for an organist of Kjellgren’s abilities. The present CD offers a selection of short works, many of them standards, chosen to illustrate the Norrtälje organ. (---) The Ritual Fire Dance is the most thrillingly played item on the disc. I was surprised how good this piece sounded on the organ and also how well Kjellgren did with his phrasing, although the actual sound occasionally veered into the world of silent movie music. (---) The clear sound of the Norrtälje organ lays clear both the weakness and the strength of Mathias Kjellgren’s playing. His weakness is to play some works in a very four-square style just short of what would be an optimum tempo for that particular piece. He has two strengths. The first is his the ability to use control of the range and dynamics of an instrument to make a piece sound as if it was written for the organ. Second he has the ability to keep his voices clean and audible. (---) It would be interesting to have a record of Mathias Kjellgren on this instrument playing larger pieces actually written for the organ. "


1 J.S: Bach: Sinfonia 4'56
2 J.S. Bach: Air 3'48
3 E Grieg: Våren 3'52
4 M de Falla: Rituell elddans 4'19
5 M Ravel: Pavanne 5'47
6 R Wagner: Pilgrimskören 3'31
7 F Liszt: Liebestraum 5'44
8 C Saint-Saëns: Fantaisie 5'40
9 C Saint-Saëns: Svanen 3'22
10 Z Fibich: Poème 4'21
11 P Mascagni: Intermezzo 3'28
12 D Ellington: Freedom 2'15
13 D Ellington: Heaven 3'27
14 D Ellington: Come Sunday 4'17
15 E Elgar: Salut dŽamour 4'26
16 C Debussy: Clair de Lune 5'42
17 Lefébure-Wely: Bolero 4'26
18 Trad: Londonderry Air 4'36
durata 77'57

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