(Double CD)
This is a double CD with Sweden´s all time - we dare to say it - best and absolutely most talented coloratura soprano Stina-Britta Melander. This filled production (2 and a half hour of music) presents to us an astonnishing artist all through her long singing life - From 14 to 80 years (and beyond)! We start with the pre-mature 14 year old girl from North of Sweden in her first wax recording in 1938, and we follow her fantastic development through small and more bigger roles on the operatic stages, via operetta, chanson, lieder and schlager, up to her celebration concert at 80 years of age in 2004. She died in December 2010.

This is an amazing audial document that no-one must lack in the CD collection!

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Strauss: Amor (1982)

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Dalademokraten: "Few artists have been this much documented on recordings for such a long period of time. (--) The CD becomes a biography and for a singer this is exactly right - Singers are to be heard, not described. Here you can hear how it was sounding at a certain stage at a certain time. The coloratura Stina-Britta Melander gives the listener an experience that cannot be graded. Recordings of this type stand beyond all trivial marks systems."

MusicWeb-International: "Stina-Britta Melander, born in 1924, has been blessed with an unusually long career, especially for a high lyrical soprano. (---) The present well-filled set casts its net wider and roughly covers her activities in Sweden. Its starting point is her first test record for His Master’s Voice back in 1938 where, with a voice that of course has no operatic dimensions but has a lightness and freshness that she preserved all through her career, the 14-year-old girl asks “Varför skall man tvinga mig att sjunga?” (“Why are they forcing me to sing?”). (---) At the age of 70 she returned to the opera stage for a few performances of Eugene Onegin (---) an utterly charming Madame Triquet. I saw one of the performances and enjoyed it greatly. Here was an old stager who knew all the tricks how to steal the show, both visually and aurally. I believe that is possible to hear all this on this recording, even without the experience of having seen her. It is true that the voice has begun to thin out – but remarkably little. What is even more remarkable to hear is her “reprise” of 14 år tror jag visst att jag var, recorded at her 80-years-concert a year ago. It’s a frail voice but it still retains its girlish timbre and there is very little trace of a widening of the vibrato – she even has her coloratura in fine fettle. (---) For newcomers to Stina-Britta Melander it may be advisable to buy her earlier double-CD first and hear her in all her glory at the height of her powers, mainly, in the 1960s. For a more all-embracing portrait this second album is also a treasure-trove. "

OV-Revyn: "I am fascinated by the voice control and beauty of sound, and the repertory is still more interesting (---) I wonder why the international fame didn´t become even bigger, and especially why the Swedish musical life did not find a place for Melander when she returned to Sweden in 1973. Her voice was in perfect shape long after that!"

Östersundsposten: "This is a part of Swedish vocal musical history covering the almost unbelievable singing time of 66 years. (---) After many hours listening to this great coloratura I must say I fancy her operetta primadonna material the most, as separate opera arias cannot give the whole picture of a singer."

Skånska Dagbladet: "Impressive! This CD is a fine documentary over the rich and successful life of a Swedish singer who did not get the appreciation in her homeland that her voice deserves."


 CD 1 durata 72´20  
19381 Lindblad: Varför skall man tvinga mig att sjunga 2´45
19422 Trad: 14 år tror jag visst att jag var2´37
19443 F Grothe: Illusion3´10
1946ur G Verdis Maskeradbalen 
 4:1 Oscars kuplett: Ni ville veta0´51
 4:2 Kvartett: Till maskeradbal utan like1´43
1947ur W A Mozarts Trollflöjten 
 5 Papagena, duett2´21
 6 Nattens drottnings 1:a aria4´16
 7 Nattens drottnings 2:a aria2´37
1956Franska operettmelodier 
 8:1 E Audran: Mina pullor små, ur Lyckoflickan1´38
 8:2 A Messager: Åsneduetten, ur Véronique1´51
 8:3 C Lecocq: Madame Angot1´09
 9 A Messager: Gungduetten, ur Véronique4´28
195710 F von Suppe: Duett, ur Sköna Galathea4´21
195911 G Donizetti: Norinas aria, ur Don Pasquale6´05
195912 J Offenbach: Duett med Sven-Erik Vikström, ur Orfeus i underjorden5´02
196013 G Verdi: Traviatas aria, ur La Traviata7´52
1961Ur F Berwalds operett ”Jag går i kloster” 
 14:1 Jag står vid klostrets dystra murar1´13
 14:2 Sköna blomma3´30
 15 Låt mig vara ifred, duett med Erik Saedén5´12
1961Ur H Rosenbergs ”Lycksalighetens ö” 
 16 Den blyga aftonvinden, Zephyrs aria3´02
 17 Allt övervinns av tiden, slutscenen6´30
 CD 2 durata 77´01  
19631 Trad: Paper of pins, duett med William Clauson3´17
19632 G Puccini: Man nennt mich nur Mimi, ur Boheme4´34
1968J Canteloube: Två sånger ur Chants D Auvergne: 
 3:1 L´aio de rotso1´03
 3:2 Malurous qu´o uno fenno1´20
19754 J Leifs: Mariuljod2´00
19795 W A Mozart: Paminas aria ur Trollflöjten4´44
19806:1 M Reger: Du meines Herzens Krönelein2´10
19806:2 M Reger: Wenn die Linde bluht1´19
19807:1 F Mendelssohn: Andres Maienlied2´28
19807:2 J Marx: Und gestern hat er mir Rosen gebracht2´23
19828 R Strauss: Amor2´38
19829:1 F Arlberg: Förgäves uppå stigen1´19
19829:2 I Dannström: Långt bort i fjärran2´28
198310:1 C Debussy: Pantomime2´09
198310:2 C Debussy: Claire de lune2´48
198711 F Mendelssohn: Lyssna Israel, ur oratoriet Elias7´15
199412 P Tjajkovskij: Triquets aria, ur Eugen Onegin3´00
199413 G Rossini: Una voce poco fa, ur Barberaren i Sevilla5´26
199414 G Puccini: Un bel di vedremo, ur Madame Butterfly4´05
199415 W A Mozart: Cherubins aria, ur Figaros bröllop3´18
200416 Trad: 14 år tror jag visst att jag var1´54
195917-24 BONUSPROGRAM 25 aug 195915´07
8 Bergeretter ur radioprogrammet Herdar, herdinnor, löjen och lek
Franska 1700-talsbilder med Joseph Pascheks ensemble

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