nosagcd 103 - BO HANSSON -

Bo Hansson is one of the most versitile of Swedish composers. This CD is a rich portrait containing music for choir, with and without instruments, music for String Quartet and some amazing dramas for the magnificant soloist Lena Willemark - a voice magician - together with the whole ensemble, written on chryptical latin text from ancient times.

The songs for choir are well-known and loved by many Swedish choirs and Bo Hansson´s rich output is widely spread. On this new nosag CD you can meet him also as a guitar virtuoso, performing together with Lena Willemark, Stockholmskvartetten, Jan Adefelt, S:t Jacobs Chamber Choir with its conductor Gary Graden on the CD "DIFFERENCES".

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Hansson: Sic rerum novatur

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1.Sic rerum novatur (2000) 6´25
2. Image (2002) 6´04
3. Psalm 90 (1996) 7´19
4. Stråkkvartett nr 1 (1997) part 1 9´31
5. part 2 5´57
6. part 3 2´36
7. Non radii solis (2004) 7´25
8. Vive hodie (2002) 9´03
9. Den plats bland träden (2000) 6´37
10. Jag sover i dig (2002) 2´15
11. Som ett blommande mandelträd (1996) 3´37
12. Havet (2002) 2´32
13. Var inte rädd för mörkret (2005) 3´01
14. Vår (2002) 2´06
15. Snubbla på tröskeln (1992) 3´26
totaltid: 51´02

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