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On this double CD you hear organ music by Bach, Harris, Yon, Franck, Lemmens, Willan, Boëllmann and Widor played on the great organ of S:t Jacob´s church in Stockholm, Sweden.

The soloists are
Anders Bondeman(born in 1937 and is considered the creator of the modern school of improvisationin Sweden, and also one of the greates interpreters of Bach´s music in our time.

Michael Waldenby (b1953) Studied with Alf Linder, Carin Gille-Rybrant, Anders Bondeman and others. Choir master at S:ta Clara 1979 – 2002, then and presently organist at S:t Jacob. Waldenby is mainly a composer of songs. He has composed, and in some cases published, numerous works for solo, choir, orchestra, and the organ.

Anders Bondeman is heard also on nosag CD 097, The Organ of Gamleby Church.

Michael Waldenby is heard also as a conductor on nosag CD 2078, Requiem, by Gabriella Gullin.

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Pietro A Yon: Humoresque (Michael Waldenby)
JS Bach: Wir glauben all´an einen Gott (Anders Bondeman)

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DN: "Already the beautiful cover picture tells us what this is all about - presenting one of the most wellknown organs in one of Stockholm´s most wellknown churches with two of the most profiled organists of the city playing. Both organists are among the foremost in Sweden, a factotum obvious from the contents of this double CD. (---) This is a bold presentation of one very fine organ played by two star organists. Highly recommended buy! "


CD I(76´41)
Johann Sebastian Bach 1685–1750
1. Sinfonia D–dur (Transkription Marcel Dupré) W 4´22
Cuthbert Harris 1870-1932
2. Caprice W 2´18
Pietro A. Yon 1886-1943
3. Humoresque: L´Organo Primitivo W 2´56
César Franck 1822-1890
4. Choral nr. 2 h–moll B 13´39
Jacques-Nicolas Lemmens 1823-1881
5. Fanfare W 3´26
Healey Willan 1882-1968
6. Introduktion, passacaglia och fuga ess–moll W 17´24
Johann Sebastian Bach 1685–1750 Tre koralförspel B
7. Liebster Jesu, wir sind hier BWV 731 3´29
8. Von Gott will ich nicht lassen BWV 658 3´40
9. Wir glauben all´ an einen Gott BWV 680 3´28
Leon Boëllmann 1862-1897
10. Ronde francaise (Transkription Gaston Choisnel) W 3´52
Anders Bondeman f. 1937
11. Improvisation över La Folia B 17´18
CD II(79´15)
Johann Sebastian Bach 1685–1750
1. Fantasi och fuga g–moll BWV 542 B 11´36
Michael Waldenby f. 1953 Antiche danze ed arie op. 28 W
2. Preludio 4´01
3. Corrente 1´44
4. Tempo di Gavotta 2´44
5. Alla Polacca 4´49
Johann Sebastian Bach 1685–1750
6. Passacaglia och fuga c–moll BWV 582 B 13´49
César Franck 1822-1890
7. Pièce héroïque B 8´20
Charles-Marie Widor 1844-1937 Symfoni nr. 6 g–moll op. 42 nr. 2 W
8. Allegro 8´13
9. Adagio 6´24
10. Intermezzo 5´13
11. Cantabile 5´35
12. Finale 6´09
W = Michael Waldenby B = Anders Bondeman

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