"The question of how much of my inspiration I have found in modern poetry and which poets have influenced me could be easily answered by referring to the collection of "Swedish Poetry" that I have during my work composed and had published. I will nevertheless try and answer as objectively as I can without being too long winded."

The composer Wilhelm Peterson-Berger writes this about his relation to music and poetry and this CD is trying to give a pretty good veiw on his work in the song/piano genre.
It is commonly acccepted that Wilhelm Peterson-Berger (1867-1942) is one of Swedish music history’s best known personalities – as composer, critic, cultural debater, opera playwright, translator etc. Appreciation of his music has varied through the years but the songs have always had a firm grip on both performers and the public. The resolute production Svensk lyrik, published in three series of six issues, was his most important contribution to Swedish Romantic literature. The selection on this record takes us from the composer’s very earliest songs (late 1880’s) to the last Karlfeldt songs which were written for the poet’s final collection of poems Hösthorn from 1927.

Soprano Solveig Faringer´s versatility is evidenced by a career that has alternated since her debut in 1973 between different genres such as chamber music, romances, opera, sacred music, and folk music. Her interpretations and choice of repertoire have always been colored by her deep interest in literature. As a lied interpreter, her repertoire spans many different styles and languages.
Pianist Lena Johnson grew up in the province of Jämtland, and was therefore already as a child exposed to the music of Peterson-Berger, which has since then been an oft-recurring part of her repertoire. This has led to several recordings as well as first prize in the competition for young musicians that was organized in 1992 to mark the 50th anniversary of the composer’s passing.

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Gustaf Fröding
1. En vintervisa (1924) 2´11
Daniel Fallström
2. Aftonstämning (1888) 2´54
Ernst von der Recke - Tre Sånger op 10 (1895)
3. Jomfrun under lind 2´07
4. Sommernatsdug 1´43
5. Jomfrurosen 2´30
Gustaf Fröding
6. Titania (1896) 1´28
Ricarda Huch - Vier Dichte (1910)
7. Liebesreime 1´37
8. Vorfrühling 0´48
9. Der letzte Nacht 2´37
10. Musik bevegt mich 1´27
August Strindberg - Fyra dikter (1911)
11. Mitt trollslott 3´00
12. Sju rosor och sju eldar 1´42
13. Semele 1´15
14. Villemo 1´23
Verner von Heidenstam - Gullebarns vaggsånger (1913)
15. Spörj östan, spörj västan 2´40
16. Mumla, tumla, humla 2´33
17. Sikta, sikta gullkorn 3´09
18. Såg östan, såg västan? 3´32
19. Högt på fallets ormbunkssnår 8´20
Anders österling
20. Frukttid (1915) 1´50
Erik Axel Karlfeldt - Hösthorn (1927)
21. Vandring 2´31
22. Gammal ramsa 3´15
23. Humlor 2´04
durata 56´45

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