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The playing and playful human (homo ludens) is the investigative and curious human. It’s all about trial and error: to research one’s instrument together with nature and natural laws — a cognitive method. The same method with which the builders and contractors of the Middle Ages managed to build the great Romanesque and Gothic cathedrals. In these buildings, they play and interact with gravity in an intuitive manner. Architecture — Frozen Music.

The composer/pianist Staffan Björklund builds his music in the same way that a contractor during the Middle Ages built a cathedral. He connects stone to stone and tries to find a construction that fuses the parts, resulting in a sounding whole.

”12 Modulationen, Palindrom und Reminiszenzen” has its spiritual starting point in Bach’s “Das Wohltemperierte Klavier,” and the work’s pianistic play it is also related to K. Stockhausen’s “Klavierstücke.” In the field of energy between these poles, an inner drama — an inner battle — plays itself out: the lone person’s battle with himself and his means of expression, the lonely fight before the ice-cold and ancient eye of the universe.

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Björklund: Reminiszenz II Agitato

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CONTENTS: 12 Modulationen, Palindrom und Reminiszenzen

CD 1: (42´35)
1Modulation 1 (C-h) Fluente5´07
2Modulation 2 (G-a) Hesitando6´28
3Modulation 3 (D-g) Pesante6´55
4Modulation 4 (A-f) Andante lugubre e poco agitato7´53
5Modulation 5 (e-ess) Semplice e rubato6´40
6Palindrom Poco agitato, rubato e sostenuto9´30
CD 2: (51´52)
1Modulation 6 (H-ciss) Hesitando, molto rubato, quasi senza tempo4´42
2Modulation 7 (Fiss-c, C-h) Calmo9´27
3Reminiszenz I Calmo0´18
4Modulation 8 (Dess-B, G-a) Tempo giusto5´57
5Modulation 9 (Ass-giss, D-g) Jubiloso6´28
6Reminiszenz II Agitato1´38
7Modulation 10 (Ess-fiss, A-f) Lento sostenuto4´54
8Modulation 11 (b-E, e-ess) Andante solitudo9´50
9Reminiszenz III Pesante e grave (attacca)0´53
10Modulation 12 (F-d) Moderato7´40
durata 94´27

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