An amazingly sounding Swedish choir:
Kammarkören Svenska Röster / Swedish Voices Chamber Choir
The Swedish Choral Miracle is a well-known expression in the world of choral music, ever since the book by Richard Sparks was published. These CDs nosag records now present contains an example of this "miracle": The Chamber Choir "Svenska Röster" (Swedish Voices), formed in 1988 by conductor Bo Aurehl who for many years worked in the famous Swedish music school Adolf Fredrik. When his students from the Children´s Choir, and from the Boys Choir grew up, he managed to gather the best of them and started this Swedish Voices Chamber Choir in 1988. nosag records is proud to present this amazing ensemble of euphonia:

On this CD "SWEDISH RHAPSODY" we are presented exactly that - a collection of beautiful Swedish folklore-based choir music interpolized with some great violin playing by Sara Trobäck, both in classical style and folklore fiddle.

The Chamber Choir "Svenska Röster" (Swedish Voices)
Sara Trobäck, violin
Jan Åke Hillerud, piano
Bo Aurehl, conductor

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Stenhammar: Havde jeg en Datterson, o ja

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1. Stjärntändningen (Oskar Lindberg) 2´39
2. Psaltare och lyra (Sven-Eric Johanson) 3´27
3. Aftonen (Hugo Alfvén) 3´52
4. Svensk rapsodi (Jan Åke Hillerud, arr) 4´57
5. Glädjens blomster (Hugo Alfvén, arr) 1´09
6. Uti vår hage (Hugo Alfvén, arr) 1´09
7. Och jungfrun hon går i ringen (Hugo Alfvén, arr) 1´26
8. Gammal sångpolska (Jan Åke Hillerud, arr) 1´44
9. Vi sålde våra hemman (Jan Åke Hillerud, arr) 5´28
10. Si god afton och god kväll (Jan Åke Hillerud, arr) 1´04
11. Värmlandsvisan (Jan Åke Hillerud, arr) 2´21
12. Pingst (Oskar Lindberg) 1´52
"Tre körvisor" (Wilhelm Stenhammar) 5´43
13. September1´58
14. I Seraillets Have21´29
15. Havde jeg en Datterson, o ja1´17
16. Kung Liljekonvalje (David Wikander) 3´41
"Fyra akvareller" for violin and piano (Tor Aulin) 14´24
17. Idyll 3´50
18. Humoresk 4´00
19. Vaggsång 2´57
20. Polska 3´24
21. Lustwijns visa (Knut Håkansson)1´44
22. Sommarmarsch från Österbotten (Otto Andersson)2´04
23. Sommarpsalm (Waldemar Åhlén)3´32
24. Förvårskväll (David Wikander) 5´10
25. Brusala (Knut Håkansson) 5´24
26. Sverige (Wilhelm Stenhammar)2´30
total: 78´20

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