GABRIELLA GULLIN – is composer, member of Society of Swedish Composers and free lance musician. In the work “För de i minnet burna” (For Those Borne In Mind) she supplies a poetic expression for the state of humanity at the turn of the millenium.

ARON NILSSON received his diploma as a church musician at the Royal University College of Music in Stockholm in 2001 with Erik Boström as his organ teacher. This CD is part of his final examination. He studied Gabriella Gullin’s organ works as part of his education in interpreting contemporary music. Gabriella Gullin’s melodrama, “För de i minnet burna,” is a work commissioned by Aron Nilsson and he premiered the work at the Umeå Organ Festival in 2000 with the composer as narrator.

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Gullin: from Alla Ballata

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1Alla Ballata 13´54
”Ecco un racconto vero, ma è detto senza parole”
2Impromptu Risvegliato 9´08
För de i minnet burna - melodram efter 1900-talets slut /40´14
For Those Borne In Mind - A Melodrama after the end of the 20th century
3First part(5´01)
Adagio doloroso - Allegro agitato - Andante - Adagio doloroso
5Second part(5´08)
Allegro - Larghetto aemabile e triste - Moderato
7Third part(4´56)
Allegro agitato - Larghetto inquieto e elegiaco - Allegro agitato - Adagio doloroso
9Forth part(7´19)
Adagio addolorato e inquieto - Ad libitum - Andante doloroso - Adagio doloroso
11Fifth part(7´44)
Allegro agitato - Adagio addolorato e inquieto - Allegro moderato ma appassionato - - Adagio - Allegro moderato - Andante doloroso - Grave
14Adagio cantabile8´07
Total durata 71´23

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