Swedish Wind Orchestras are among the finest in the world, and this CD contains new music for big Wind Orchestra played by Sweden´s biggest wind orchestra - Stockholm Wind Symphony. Five pieces by five contemporary Swedish composers in premier recordings is audible, and I mean AUDIBLE on this CD, as Wind orchestras are among the noiciest, and most clang varied, you can listen to.

We are offered one Intrada (by B Tommy Andersson, also the conductor of the orchestra on this CD), two Symphonies by two veterans, Csaba Deák and Daniel Börtz and two rather odd pieces by two young female composers - Catharina Palmér´s Tones, a study on overtones, and Carin Bartosch´s joke with the cyber world Cyd Cybersonix meets Webby Web Webster. Enjoy!

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Andersson: from Intrada

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American Records Guide: "(---) the somber, portentous Andersson piece is tautly constructed around a melody sounded daily by the towns carillon (---) The Bartosch piece does have an infectious, pulsating excitement much of the time (---) Good band. "


1B T AnderssonIntrada08´07
2 Daniel BörtzSinfonia 1018´10
3 Carin BartoschCyd Cybersonix meets Webby Web Webster09´23
4 Csaba DeákSymphony #2 for Wind Orchestra18´50
5 Catharina PalmérTones06´20
Total time 61´00

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