nosagcd 2081 - Ilona Jánky - pianist

(Double CD)
Ilona Jánky, this Transilvanian Hungarian professor of piano, teacher at several academies and a long career of touring, concerts and recordings, was never before available on CD. This double CD contains some astonnishing first releases of her great playing!

Hear her interpretations of music by Chopin, Brahms, Prokofjev, Schumann and Bach, played with an amazingly beautiful clang and expression. These are documentary, live recordings from 1965 to 1982
Ilona Jánky, piano

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Chopin: from Sonata B minor, Op 58

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DN:" This is a strong and personal document that should concern many people as Ilona Jánky Práda is one of the most magnificent pianists I ever listened to. She reminds me of an engaging collegue of hers, the exstatic and gradiosly re-creating Hungarian Annie Fischer, especially in her interpretation of the Brahms f minor sonata, with its gathering of massif, time to time compact force and chordal playing is a work only for masters. Playing with more and more developed power, Jánky Práda lifts the awkward and short phrased gestures of the first movement to heights where the peaks grow together to a broad, symphonical landscape. In the slow movement she makes contrast with an almost unbelievable folksong-like simplicity and intimate Brahmsish mixes of clang.
The second masterly performed interpretation is the fifth sonata by Prokofiev. From the strange lyricism of the composer´s, grows eruptions, fragmented to dust, and again collected together to powerful statements."

MusicWeb:" This is a compilation of privately recorded material made over the period from 1965 to 1982 but the majority come from the years between 1977 and 1982; the Bach is the oldest; the Prokofiev was taped in 1972. Nevertheless these are private recordings, otherwise undocumented, and represent resilience and dedication on the part of pianist and company alike. This is a feeling tribute to Ilona Jánky Práda who has clearly been a force for musical good in her native country. "


CD 1:(78´52)
1-3Bach: Italian Concerto (recorded 1965)12´53
4-8Brahms: Sonata F minor, Op 5 (recorded 1979)35´42
9-12Schumann: Sonata F#minor, Op 11 (recorded 1982)30´14
CD 2:(77´55)
1-4Chopin: Sonata B minor, Op 58 (recorded 1977)26´36
5Ballade G (recorded 1977)9´17
6Ballade F (recorded 1979)7´31
7Ballade Ab (recorded 1979)7´07
8-10Prokofjev: Sonata in Bb, Op 84 (recorded 1972)27´22

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