nosagcd 080 - OLOV FRANZÉN /

This CD contains Olov Franzén´s four main compositions for solo cello:

The Unseen Present (1993)
Organic Music No2 "The Uncreated light" (1995)
Gryningsmusik (Dawn Music) (1980)
La Terza Via (The Third Way) (2000)

They are all quite unique and without parallels in the cello literature. Including them in one’s repertoire should be a challenge to every cellist.

Olov Franzén´s compositions encompass all sorts of vocal and instrumental combinations, from solo pieces to large orchestra and choir. His style has been described as "more modern than Modernism, though not difficult to understand," perhaps because his gravity and engagement is always more important than any musical style.

He is quite concerned about the great problems of the world today, with its escalating environmental pollution, violence, and wars. To counter this, he wants to enrich the spiritual values of life in every way.

Music is one such important way.

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Franzén: from The Unseen Present

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Kammarmusik-Nytt: "The choice of texts - by Tomas Tranströmer - shows a strong sacred dimension in the music of Franzén´s, a sincere engagement in the thoughts and problems of our time, a humanism, the Third way... It is also very obvious that you have to be a very skilled cellist to play this music!"


THE UNSEEN PRESENT - five pieces
to poems by Tomas Tranströmer (1993)
   1 Guldstekel (Golden Wasp) 9´11
   2 Flygblad (Leaflet) 2´53
   3 Näktergalen i Badelunda
      (The Nightingale in Badelunda)
   4 Romanska bĺgar (Romanesque Arches) 3´06
   5 Vermeer (Vermeer) 6´25
   "The Uncreated Light"(1995)
7 GRYNINGSMUSIK (Dawn Music) (1980) 10´09
LA TERZA VIA (The Third Way) (2000)
   8 Part I 6´59
   9 Part II 5´16
  10 Part III 9´40
total: 66´11

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