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"URUK" - chamber music by the "enfant terrible" of Swedish contemporary music, Martin Larson. This recording will make some great noice when it reaches the CD players of the Swedish music ESTABLISHMENT! Lookout for a CD in DVD cover, containing some of the very finest musicians and exiting chamber music!

John Ehde, violoncell
Carl-Axel Dominique, piano
George Kentros, violin
Åsa Åkerberg, violoncell
Sara Hammarström, flute
Mårten Landström, piano
Stockholmskvartetten, string quartet
Jean-Luc Richardoz, violin
Staffan Björklund, piano
Linnékvintetten, brass quintet
Stockholm Saxophone Quartet
110 Chorists
Ilona Jánky Práda, piano

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Larson: from "Trail/Tree" (Jean-Luc Richardoz/Staffan Björklund)

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DN: "(---)If one wants to listen to Martin Larson’s music without preconceived notions, one can skip the thick text booklet that comes with the chamber music CD "Uruk." Both the CD cover, with Larson in a black leather jacket against a backdrop of the cradle of learning, Florence, and the manifesto-like texts with their attacks on all that even has a whiff of establishment, try hard to create a picture of an enfant terrible in Swedish art music. "The music can go to hell! Art can go to hell! YOU can go to hell! / ... / YOU are always wrong and I am always right” is an example of Larson’s rhetoric. But he who expects the music to sound extremely avant-garde, ugly, punkish, or destructive, is left there with empty ears. On the other hand, Larson is hardly trying to fulfill expectations. Here one can find both silly humor and an elegiac, almost Romantic tone, built with relatively simple means. "Two encores," written for the peärls before swïne experience, mixes noisy siren glissandi with fragments taken from music history. A trashing and a homage at the same time. And in a video version of "The Hum-drum Saxman´s bacon-rap and burgers," a short spoken chorus on the text “I am a Lapp and I have my reindeer,” one can see Per Hedlund from the Stockholm Saxophone Quartet rap away with a tailor’s scissors (it’s possible). Larson’s more serious side spans from more tightly strung lines in the nocturnal "Thiraxe Kires" for cello and piano, played with concentration by John Edhe and Carl-Axel Dominique, to borrowed soft Romantic styles in the Satie pastiche "To Katarina." Meditative, but hardly radical."

Aftonbladet: "(---)If you o not know that the composer of URUK is Martin Larson, you won´t get to know it as nothing on the CD, in the film, or the booklet manifesto reveals his identity. But the CD is unusually refreshing. The String Quartet No.1 is very great music and Brass Quintet releases a joking, ironic face. With his attitude he is a slugger in the backstabbing musical life. He as a whole is an adjustment problem. But NOT his music!"


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Spectres Avaunt for cello & piano
Two Encores – (to be played as overtures)
     Alternate Quixote Music
     Sir John paraphrases
String Quartet No. 1
     Allegro con forza
     Adagio malinconico e poco mesto
     q = ca. 120
/Trial/Tree/ for violin and piano
     Molto lento, triste (but not heavy)
     Calmo, misterioso: tragico
Brass Quintet “anders bin ich, lasst euch das nicht seltsam sein”
     The Works
The Hum-drum Saxman’s bacon-rap and burgers
Till Katarina
total: 74´51

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