nosagcd 074 - DAVID HÄRENSTAM -
- The Bard

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Guitar player David Härenstam is often seen and heard touring around with different partners. Here he gathered a string ensemble, playing tango with accordeon, contemporary Swedish composers such as Eberhard Eyser, Christer Karlberg and Håkan Johansson, as well as hot chambermusic by Mauro Godoy and Roland Dyens. And a totally surprizing arrangement of music by F. Liszt - for guitar and accordeon - Is Piazzolla aware of the challenge? A very entertaining contemporary CD!

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David Härenstam, guitar
The A.C.P. Ensemble
Håkan Johansson, accordeon
Anders Inge, violin
Nils-Erik Sparf. baroque violin
Gunnel Fred, recitation

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Godoy: Tango de noche

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Gitarr & Luta:"(---) extreme jumps between heartbreakingly beautiful melodies, wonderfully played, and awkward, rhythmical ostinato, deliciously performed. It´s alive, breathing, technically perfect. The Bard with Nisse Sparf is a wonderful thing, as well as Minimetti by Eberhard Eyser, in which Härenstam playes with clang and explores how far he can reach in all ways of expression, and how much time the music can grab, and how freely you can tell the story. Why not listen to VERY GOOD, creative music, like that on this CD, than to another one, containing ´Classical Favourites´? (---)

Classical Guitar:"Håkan Johanssons ´Ingenting´ i a six-minute solo guitar work with some toecurlingly-sexy Danish recitation by the gorgous Gunnel Fred. I havent a clue what she was saying but I enjoyed it nevertheless! Christer Karlbergs four movement ´Suite for David´ is a very tonal, original too, and wonderful music, as one can expect from such a wide-ranging performer/composer as Kalberg... this set is very good indeed, the music is never less then interesting and on a couple of accasions, brilliantly inventive... do buy it!"

Lira:"Some CDs just gives you that euphoria to lend your ears to. He is a master in guitar playing. The Bard is a ´must have´ for all lovers of aucustical guitar music, ya´ bet ya´!!!"

Värmlands Folkblad:"I never heard such a perfect pitched play on acoustical guitar in neither classical nor other musical environment... Here you find tango played with passion, force and humour, and a totally wonderfully beautiful ´Suite for David´, speciallt written to the artist... Everything becomes so real that you imagine both of them, Sparf and Härenstam, sitting in your listener´s room. How many classical guitar players are capable, want to and dare offer their public a repertory filled with so many smiles?"

Kammarmusik-Nytt: "This is a CD with very strong profile and atmospheare with six world premieres!"

Norrtelje tidning: "A man and his guitar. The skill is there. The technique is perfect. The fingers run totally untroubled along the neck of the guitar. Not a shadow of technical obstacles. A mastership, that is. Everything is right. (---) With what do I compare? Segovia. Williams. They are comparable notabilities when it comes to performance. This is the level of Härenstam´s: He knows it all!"

UNT: "More Swedish and a little Uppsala on one hand. The guitarist David Härenstam offers us not less than six world premiers on the album The Bard. (---) Equally skillfull as beautifully played (---) Uplifting CD, with the exact right proportion tango as well!"

Nya Wermlands tidningen: "This is a colourful debut breathing selfconfidence and whets your appetite. (---) Härenstam plays with a sensitive colour gamut (---) a presence that rarely disappears."

SvD: "The young David Härenstam breaks the solitude of the classical guitar player collaborating with combinations of musicians (---) Some of the most pleasant pieces of the CD are two by Franz Liszt, where accordeon and guitar are united in a wonderous minimalistic arrangement. Tango, samba, waltz - fulfilled with ideas of the un-orthodox kind, not to say brave, is carrying the production together with the strong center of the guitar playing of Härenstam - pregnant and varied!"


   Roland Dyens (1956)
1. Tango en skaï 2.37
Mauro Godoy (1965)
2. Fuga de noche # 4.42*
Mauro Godoy
3. Tango de noche #3.43*
Håkan Johansson (1957)
4. Ingenting #6.18*
Christer Karlberg (1946)
5-8. Suite for David # 13´10*
Eberhard Eyser (1932)
9-10. The Bard # 14'15*
Eberhard Eyser
11-14. Minnimetti # 9´01*
Franz Liszt (1811-86)
15. Two Pieces 11'57
David Härenstam (1972)
16. Remembering north 1'30*
                                     # = written for David
                                     * = world premiere
Total dur. 67'49

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