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The songs of world famous Swedish opera soprano and composer Margareta Hallin are written on texts by well-known Swedish poets, like Ferlin, Martinson, Ekelöf and others. On this CD we hear the composer herself performing together with great clarinet player Kjell Fagéus, also playing Margareta Hallin´s Cadenza for solo clarinet. This very lyrical recording, with some suddenly surprising sharp edges, is a gem for all lovers of contemporary chamber music with contact with tradition.

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Guds födelsedag

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Kammarmusiknytt: "(---) The CD covers a broad spectrum of feelings, from melancolia to jerky daily verses. There are only two artists, a soprano and a clarinet (---) in spite of the limited instrumentation there is a great emotional depth. The capacity of Hallin we know, and in the hands of Fagéus a clarinet borrows itself to a multitude of expressons (---) This is intimite music in the finest meaning of the word. "

Kristianstadsbladet: "(---) Maragareta Hallin is the lady that is doing whatever she wants and she appears in the most unexpected situations (---) Voice and clarinet sometimes becomes one instrument, sometimes they turn different directions and from that new qualities arrises. The moods vary from the deeply elegiatic to loose and free humour. "

SJ: "(---) Maragareta Hallin is a well-known name i Swedish musical environment, and her versitality covers far more than that of the opera singer. She has been composing since the mid 1980s and with a very original output. On this CD you find 20 works. 19 texts by great poets like Ekelöf, Martinson (Aniara), Ferlin, Blomberg – and Gormander – is geniously put to music, some of them with the sole interplay with a clarinet. Kjell Fagéus plays on top of that also Hallin´s Cadenza for clarinet solo. This is SO GOOD! "


Gunnar Ekelöf
1.Jag tänker4´45

Harry Martinson: from Aniara
2.Sång nr 791´26
3.Sång nr 402´01
4.Sång nr 251´08
5.Sång nr 74´23
6.Sång om Karelen5´21

Nils Ferlin
7.Så ler bara den1´54
8.á la Burns1´46
9.Guds födelsedag1´01

Erik Blomberg

11.Cadenza för soloklarinett6´37

Werner Aspenström
13.Bäste drängens visa1´46
14.Sardinen på tunnelbanan1´12

Lope de Vega
15.Madonnans vaggvisa4´46

Elmer Diktonius
16.Barnets bön1´41

Alf Henriksson

Li Po
18.Dricka ensam under månen2´07
19.Efter att ha druckit1´23

Dagens Gormander
20.Äckligt kaffe du gör…6´08
total 56´35

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