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This recording was made in Stockholm on the 23rd of October, 2000 at Radio Sweden's Studio 2. The musicians had no preconceptions and did not even discuss what they should play. An 76 minutes long tape was recorded, out of which a selection of 60 minutes is here presented.

Davor Kajfes and Peter Schuback have been working together for two years with this kind of direct creation, musicianship, composing, or what can even be called improvisation. They prefer the term "impositions".

Impositions are something like improvisations. These words seek to express the possible as it is making itself possible. Improvisations can be heard as such only as long as they are heard improvisationally and this means that they must be heard without a comprehensive understanding of improvisation. They cannot be heard as a kind of improvisationism, that is, as part of any attempt to construct a system of improvisation.

You can also listen to Peter Schuback playing his own compositions for solo cello on for cello (nosag CD 128).

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impositioner: from imposition 10

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1.imposition 1 314
2.imposition 2 512
3. imposition 3 520
4. imposition 4 231
5. imposition 5 231
6. imposition 6 502
7. imposition 7 244
8. imposition 8 330
9. imposition 9 227
10. imposition 10 134
11. imposition 11 408
12. imposition 12 237
13. imposition 13 311
14. imposition 14 238
15. imposition 15 229
16. imposition 16 149
17. imposition 17 247
18. imposition 18 246
19. imposition 19 448
total: 6130

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