Lots of good temperament! Real live feelin´. I can imagine everybody was up dancing... It would have been very nice (or whatever word...) to be there, but this CD is almost filling you with the same "being there". I really like the stuff! Amazingly drunken sailor... Just pity it´s not more of it - I mean; 38 minutes pass so quickly and you want more. But that´s maybe better than "OK OK, you´ve made your point...!!!"?

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Sforzando: from Raicho and Raucous

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1. The Caliban3’47
2.Raicho & Raucous3’14
4.From the Gallery to the Gallows3’21
5.At least we´re not the U.S.A.3’43
6.The Pirate Orchestra3’56
7.What shall we do with the drunken sailor?11’06
total: 38’29

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