I felt like being surrounded by an echoe of George Harrison´s kharma on the market square of New Dehli, eating very sweet korma and fruit nan, drinking Cobra beer on a hot night... And then it suddenly stopped! (Will it be a fading song?) I didn´t get much of the lyrics. Who is singing? Some indian drummer? A bungy jump kind of tune that quickly gets stuck in the ear. But it doesn´t sound much like Sforzando. That nice ensemble normally has a much stickier roughness, specially from lead singer Quincy. Anyhow I like it.

This is the new studio album with this energetic Australian worldfolkrock band!

Meanwhile, visit the Sforzando homepage.

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Sforzando: Two sisters

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2.A Night on the Piss3’06
3.Inner City Pirate Rock Chick2’21
4.´Mutiny´ She Cried2’09
5.The Party Starts When We Get There2’39
6.Deep in the Sea4’47
7.At least we´re not the U.S.A.3’43
8.Pass Me a Rum2’53
9.Dancing the Hempen Jig2’37
10.Two Sisters2’25
11.Scurvy Sea Dogs2’21
12.A Pirate Song3’26
13.Too Much Fun4’35
14.The Pirate Orchestra4’27
16.I was Born on a Pirate Ship5’44
total: 54’22

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