Staffan Björklund (b. 1944), cathedral organist in Linköping, Sweden, has within a short time risen to a dominant position in Swedish religious musical life. A cathedral of the scale of Linköping´s offers great possibilities, not only for the classical heritage of sacred music but also for Staffan´s own compositions that fill the huge space with novel sounds. Staffan has a deep instinct for music´s spiritual dimensions and we can hear many influences - Swedish folk music, jazz and blues. He has strong connections with French musical life, but is mainly inspired by his love of the Swedish landscape. The Choral is the heart of the evangelical sacred music. Like an enormous oak it stretches its bulk of leaves towards the sun. But into the dark soil the roots dig themselves for nourishment. The music on this CD is Staffan Björklund´s declaration of love to the many faced Choral, with its plenitude of expressions.

Staffan Björklund, organist

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Björklund: from In Dulci Jubilo [ 282 Kb, good mono quality ]

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Östgöta Correspondenten: " Staffan Björklund has created an active music, thou contemplative, that affects both soul and thought. As a listener it is easy to find a relation to the musical developement through a not always audible but present tension that makes you exited. He is also a very skillfull organist and by that he makes it easier for the listener to concentrate on the music itself. Remember that you, the listener, make the music what it is, and here your fantasy gets rich nourishment!"

Ingmar Milveden: Here you really get to know Björklund as one of the most talented organ masters of our time. Each and every piece on the CD shows in its way his grandeur as a philisopher and a modern thinker. Here real fountains are floating!


1. In dulci jubilo (1976) 4'30 In dulci jubilo
2-6. Upp ur vilda djupa vatten (1992) 14'30 Out of deep unordered water
Sats 1-5 Part 1-5
7. O huvud blodigt sårat (1979) 9'05 O, head, bloody, wounded
8-10. Två väldiga strider om människans själ (1994) 16'00 Two giants fighting over the soul of Man
Ritornell Ritournelle
Fuga Fugue
Koral Choral
11. I himmelen (1979) 4'25 In Heaven
12-14. Helig, helig, helig (1995) 21'46 Holy, Holy, Holy
Introduktion Introduction
Kantilena Cantilena
Fuga Fugue
15. Här en källa rinner (1980) 6'30 There is a Fountain
total: 73´10

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