nosagcd 030 - GUITAR FLAMES

The guitar Maestro Christer Karlberg is often seen and heard as a studio musician both in Swedish TV and on Swedish radio. This solo guitar CD, with music ranging from the renaissance via flaming Spanish and Argentine tango to contemporary pieces, gives a rich view over a very broad guitarist, playing both alto and prim guitar.

Christer Karlberg, prim and alto guitar

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Robinson: Lantero [ 137 Kb, good mono quality ]

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Norra Västerbotten: " Christer Karlberg, a full-fledged guitar player - it´s a pure pleasure to go with him on this guitar music Odyssey through history with a string of musical pearls. (---) ...sweet guitar sounds from four centuries, renaissance to contemporary."

SvD: " ...and I think I hear an echoe of late master guitarist Ulrik Neumann´s romantic warmth and fine sense of humour. Is it the sign of the guitar that it can house a full little orchestra?"

Sydsvenskan: " He plays with a wellknown musicality and really keeps it goin´! His vitality as a musician with many strings in his talent is here shown in full light!"

Fanfare Magazine: " Christer Karlberg has been active throughout Sweden as well as Scandinavia, Germany, France and Russia. That explains why he is virtually unknown to Americans, It is our loss, for he is a fine guitarist, Each piece is well played, good sound and reasonable notes round out a mostly attractive issue."


1. PreludiumSilvius Leopold Weiss1'41
2. AllemandeSilvius Leopold Weiss2'06
3. Passacaglia Silvius Leopold Weiss 3'52
4. Sonat 15 B Fernando Sor 5'27
5. Introduction and variations
on a Mozart theme Op. 9 Fernando Sor 8'10
6. Capricho Arabe FransiscoTarrega 4'59
7. Maria Fransisco Tarrega 1'25
8. Sir John Smith’s AlmaineJohn Dowland 2'33
9. Walking in a country towne Thomas Robinson 1'29
10. LanteroThomas Robinson 0'39
11. Pavane Baruch Bulman 3'29
transcription Per~Olof Johnson
12. Galliard Francis Cutting 1'28
13. Nocturne Federico Moreno-Torroba 4'04
14. Madronos Federico Moreno-Torroba 2'53
15. Verano Porteno Astor Piazzolla arr. S. Assad3'05
16. Invierno Porteno Astor Piazzolla arr. S. Assad6'22

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