nosagcd 2027 - MESSIAS/THE MESSIAH (2CD)

Double CD
Handel´s great oratorio in the version that has been performed in the Cathedral St Nicolai/Storkyrkan in Stockholm since 70 years. The last 30 years The Messiah of Stockholm has been conducted by Storkyrkan´s choirmaster and organist Gustaf Sjökvist, also leading this documentation, the second Swedish complete recording ever, and the first complete on CD.

Christina Högman, Soprano; Kristina Hammarström, Alto; Lynton Atkinson & Stefan Dahlberg, Tenor; Karl-Magnus Fredriksson & Petteri Salomaa, Bass; Musicians from the Radio Symphony Orchestra; Storkyrkan Choir; Gustaf Sjökvist, conductor

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Östgöta Correspondenten: " The Messiah is a great philosophical drama and its populairity is surely due to the very vocal and rhythmically varied music. The Storkyrkan version of the piece is characterized by optimism and beautiful spirit. The conductor Gustaf Sjökvist directs the choir and orchestra to a performance rich and beautiful in clang and expression."

MusicWeb: "This disc was recorded at a series of live concerts in 1997 in Storkyrkan, Stockholm (Stockholm Cathedral) to celebrate the 70th anniversary of their annual performances of Messiah. The recording lists a choir of 54 and an orchestra of 29, playing on modern instruments. At first sight this would seem to be inclined towards the choir, in terms of balance. Granted, they do make a light, clear sound but the recording favours the voices and I would happily have had a slightly stronger orchestral sound, particularly when it came to the woodwind. The choral forces display an admirable fleetness in the faster numbers. In fact, the choir’s contribution is one of the most admirable things about this recording and certainly a reason for returning to it. Their lithe performance has an admirable clarity and does not lack power when necessary; they bring an unhackneyed freshness to the work. With such a strong choral performance and a fine, modern instrumental accompaniment, these discs have much to recommend them so anyone who is curious to explore the Swedish Messiah tradition can feel safe buying them. "

Ljudspår: " At last!: The first complete Swedish recording on CD of Handel´s Messiah. nosag records presents the 70th anniversery version from Stockholm Cathedral/Storkyrkan with the very wellknown and established great soloists!"

Fanfare Magazine: " There are many positive attributes to this recording. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of it is the extremely high quality of the six soloists. All have superb voices and use them very effectively. The chorus and orchestra are also first class."


CD 1 First Part total: 51'45
1.Sinfony (Orchestra)(3'09)
2.Recitative (Stefan Dahlberg, Tenor)(2'29)
Comfort ye
3.Aria (Stefan Dahlberg, Tenor)(3'30)
Ev´ry valley
And the glory of the Lord
5.Recitative (Karl-Magnus Fredriksson, Bass) (1'20)
Thus saith the Lord
6.Aria (Kristina Hammarström, Alto)(4'21)
But who may abide
7.Chorus (2'36)
And He shall purify
8.Recitative (Kristina Hammarström, Alto) (0'26)
Behold, a virgin shall conceive
9.Aria (Kristina Hammarström, Alto & Chorus) (5'20)
0 thou that tellest good tidings
10.Recitative (Petteri Salomaa, Bass)(1'51)
For behold, darkness shall cover the earth
11.Aria (Petteri Salomaa, Bass)(3'03)
The people that walked in darkness
12.Chorus (4'02)
For unto us a child is born
13.Pifa (Orchestra)(1'07)
14.Recitative (Christina Högman, Soprano)(1'39)
There were shepherds
15.Chorus (1'56)
Glory to God
16.Aria (Christina Högman, Soprano) (4'00)
Rejoice greatly
17.Recitative (Kristina Hammarström, Alto)(0'29)
Then shall the eyes of the blind
18.Aria (Kristina Hammarström, Alto & (5'11)
He shall feed His flock
Christina Högman, Soprano)
19.Chorus (2'30)
His yoke is easy

CD 2 Second Part total' 64'28
Behold the Lamb
2.Aria (Kristina Hammarström, Alto) (6'00)
He was despised
Surely, He hath borne our griefs
4.Chorus (2'01)
And with His stripes
All we like sheep
6.Recitative (Stefan Dahlberg, Tenor) (0'47)
All they that see Him
He trusted in God
8.Recitative (Lynton Atkinson, Tenor) (2'01)
Thy rebuke
9.Arioso (Lynton Atkinson, Tenor)(1'13)
Behold, and see
10.Recitative (Lynton Atkinson, Tenor)(0'21)
He was cut off
11.Aria (Lynton Atkinson, Tenor)(2'08)
But thou didst not leave
Lift up your heads
13.Aria (Petteri Salomaa, Bass)(3'00)
Thou art gone up on high
The Lord gave the word
15.Aria (Christina Högman, Soprano) (2'27)
How beautiful are the feet
Their sound is gone out
17.Aria (Karl-Magnus Fredriksson, Bass) (2'45)
Why do the nations
18.Chorus (1'48)
Let us break their bonds
19.Recitative (Stefan Dahlberg, Tenor) (0'15)
He that dwelleth in heaven
20.Aria (Stefan Dahlberg, Tenor)(2'01)
Thou shalt break them

Third Part
22.Aria (Christina Högman, Soprano) (5'44)
l know that my Redeemer liveth
Since by man came death
24.Recitative (Petteri Salomaa, Bass)(0'30)
Behold, I tell you a mystery
25.Aria (Karl-Magnus Fredriksson, Bass)(4'01)
The trumpet shall sound
26.Recitative (Kristina Hammarström, Alto)(0'19)
Then shall be brought to pass
27.Chorus (6'42)
Worthy is the Lamb

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