Dominick Argento’s big song cycle for voice and piano about the North Pole balloon expedition that ended in disaster 1897, and some music from that time with exploring themes. Three premiered artists working together for the first time.

Bengt Nordfors, Tenor;
Bengt Forsberg, piano (also on nosag CD 025);
Nils-Erik Sparf, violin

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The Flight aborted

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Göteborgsposten: "Bengt Nordfors sings this deeply touching song cycle with great empathy, Bengt Forsberg at the piano answers with a equally strong contribution (---) on this beautifully presented CD."

Aftonbladet: "The CD has a multi medial finesse as photos, texts, and sound work in a joint action towards something that unusual as an inbetween documentary and classical recording. Obviously it takes a little independent company like nosag, and two independent musicians with a feeling for musical history´s outsiders."

Dominick Argento, (the composer) "It is truly wonderful! It is the finest performance of Andrée - musically and dramatically - that I have ever heard!"

UNT "A fascinating piece in small formata, epical, lively, performed with special presence and nerve (---) It is emotional!"

Musik "Phenomenal singer Bengt Nordfors and startling pianist Bengt Forsberg in an amazing dramatic triumphato."

Fanfare Magazine: " Nordfors has a fine, well-trained lyric voice, and extensive experience in both opera and commercial musical theater. This awareness of the dramatic situation helps him to bring each of the three men to life in turn as well as express their elation and defeat. This is a major addition to the repertoire for tenor and piano, and is urgently recommended!"

SonoLoco: "It’s fascinating to listen to these texts in this setting, as a song-cycle in the vein of Schubert’s “Winterreise”. The musicians do a good job. Renowned pianist Bengt Forsberg accompanies the tenor Bengt Nordfors in decisive and forceful gestures of the keyboard, and the singer accurately moulds the story - those direct wordings of the doomed men - in a spellbinding performance. It’s a good thing that label director Stellan Sagvik has the guts to produce CDs like this one. Keep on keeping on!" (Read the whole rewiew at SonoLoco Home page)


Dominick Argento:
The Andrée Expedition
2.The Balloon Rises2’59
3.Pride and Ambition3’00
4.Dinner Aloft1’06
5.The Unforsceen Problem2'58
6.The Flight Aborted3'43
7.Mishap with a Sledge3'03
8.The King’s Jubilee4'24
9.lllness and Drugs1'48
11.Anna’s Birthday4'50
13.Final Words2'28
Tidsbilder-From the 1890s
(Helena Munktell 1852-1919)
(Text: Emma Sparre)
15.Upp genom luften - Marsch för Piano2'59
(Herman Ahlberg)
(Carl Axel Strindberg 1845 - 1927)
a. Kapten Rollas Marsch
b. Förberedelser till ballongfärden
c. Affärden
d. I rymden
e. Ballongfärdens olyckliga slut och Kapten Rollas död
17.Vid Nordpolen - Polka för Violin & Piano4’08
(Adolf Nordholm)

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