nosagcd 015 - Johannes V Möller:
Chamber Music

Music by 14 year old (!) composer and guitar player Johannes V Möller (also appearing on nosag CD 026) for flute solo, piano solo, brass quintet, saxophone quartet, clarinet & piano, cello solo, chamber ensemble, clarinet nonet, organ & flute
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Mats Möller, flute; Linnékvintetten, brass quintet; Stockholm Saxofonkvartett; Mats Bergström, guitar; Per Thunarf, organ; Kjell Fagéus, clarinet; Ingrid Lindgren, piano; Marcus Kaméus, cello; Clarinet nonet from Stockholm Wind Symphonic Band

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Möller: from Rhomb [ 155 Kb, good mono quality ]

"YESS music"
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Smålandsposten: "14 year old J V Möller has all that it takes for a composer to be; imagination, curiousity, feeling for proportions and clang"

Eskilstunakuriren: "Fullfilled music with classical esprit!"

Uppsala Nya Tidning: "Very enjoyable in its insubordination!"

Göteborgsposten: "What is to become of Johannes V. Möller? A Swedish Mozart - in our time?"

Böcker och AV-media: "...the music he has presented on this his first own CD is very imposing. ...surprisingly mature and bold. This is really no pulp music with influences from all different styles. No, on the contrary his music has an outstanding personality. The young Möller is a composer with an unusual and great natural talent."

Fanfare Magazine: " Möller´s contact with professional musicians has resulted in a practical grasp of extended technical capabilities. For the most part the pieces have the charm, bouncy energy, and optimistic outlook one hopes for in a kid of 14. I do recommend keeping an eye out for future releases from this obviously talented young composer."


Johannes V Möller:
Chamber Music

1.Prelude to a Prelude (1995)2’34
Flute solo
2.The Sparrows’s Dance in the Snow (1995)1’40
Clarinet solo
3.Rhomb (1995)4’05
Saxophone Quartet
Small Suite (1995) (6’14)
4.Opening (The Hall)0’51
5.Expressive, the intense (The Terrace)1’16
6.Molto espressivo (The loneliness of the Moon)2’26
7.Final (The Slope)1’25
Clarinet & Piano
Three Miniatures (1995) (3’50)
Flute solo
Phases (1995)
Clarinet nonet
Bromine (1995-96) (8’00)
16.Scherzo (trailing)1’56
17.Allegro 22’22
Brass Quintet
18.Scene/Stage (1995-96)3’40
Cello solo
19.Gauze/Bloom (1996)5’36
Flute & organ
20.Frame (1996)6’10
Piano solo
21.Mexican Hammering (1996)10’11
Flute, Saxophone Quartet, amplified Guitar
Total: 60'35

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