Our youngest virtouso singers: Adolf Fredik Music School Choir/ Adolf Fredriks Musikklasser - This CD is a re-release of an LP that was recorded in 1985, and now for the first time can be heard the real powerful descant clang of the children sopranos that caused the gramophone needle in the 80:s to distort the sound. The music and the performance is very high class and also today the repertory is interesting and daring: Songs by Kodály, Schubert, Åhlén, Eklöf, Hammarström and Dürrner are blended with new arrangements by Jan-Åke Hillerud and some old Swedish folktunes performed with a very beautiful, pure and young freshness by these musical children conducted by Bo Aurehl.

Adolf Fredrik Children´s Choir
John Erik Eleby, piano
Bo Aurehl, conductor

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Hillerud: Koivisto-polska

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1. Morgon (Ejnar Eklöf) 2´43
2. Våren är kommen (Johannes Dürrner) 1´20
3. Sommarpsalm (Waldemar Åhlén) 2´41
4. Frihet (Hugo Hammarström) 1´21
5. Ack Värmeland du sköna (Jan-Åke Hillerud, arr) 2´22
6. Koivisto-polska (Jan-Åke Hillerud, arr) 1´03
7. Gustav Vasa och dalkarlarna (Jan-Åke Hillerud) 3´54
8. Jag nu den pärlan funnit har (Thure Gudmundsson) 1´49
9. Dagen ifrån oss skrider (Jan-Åke Hillerud, arr) 1´28
10. Gott ist mein Hirt (Franz Schubert) 5´00
11. Angyalok és pásztorok (Zoltan Kodály) 4´13
12. Ave Maria (Zoltan Kodály) 2´22
13. Vizkereszt (Zoltan Kodály) 4´47
14. Harasztosi legénnyek (Zoltan Kodály) 2´42
15. Pünkösdölö (Zoltan Kodály) 8´37
total: 46´24

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