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Touché II - this recording represents the culmination of more than ten year's work with pieces that date from Magnus Gutke's studies in Paris with the maestro Alberto Ponce and contain, besides Sainz de la Maza´s Platero y yo, Antonio José's Sonata. His work offers subtle melody and tonality in pieces such as Pavana triste and invites us to an explosive Finale with rapid scales and rasgueados. Together with the Frenchman Maurice Ohana we are transported yet further away from the tonal and listen to two movements from Si le jour paraît. We are offered Aube; a work with caustic tones and quarter tones and the virtuoso movement Jeu des quatre vents. A work with impressionistic stamp, Solilioque, by the Frenchman Henri Sauguet, forms an elegant conclusion for this album. .

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Sainz de la Maza: La Muerte

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New Classics: "(---) Touché II is the result of more than ten year’s work by the classical guitarist Magnus Gutke, who studied in Paris with Alberto Ponce, . The pieces on this adventurous album are all by twentieth century composers and include Sainz de la Maza’s Platero y yo and Antonio José’s Sonata (a work with subtle melody and tonality in its beautiful Pavana triste as well as an explosive finale). The other works are by French composers: Maurice Ohana’s Si le jour paraît... (with its exciting virtuoso second movement) and Henri Sauguet’s elegant Solilioque. Magnus Gutke’s debut record was appropriately called Touché I (Nosag DM901) and came out in 1997. This more Spanish-influenced CD features works by composers such as Francisco Tárrega, Villa-Lobos, Frederico Moreno-Torroba, Fernando Sor, Segovia, Mompou and de Falla. The music throughout is romantic and peaceful, by turns fiery and contemplative. Both titles demonstrate musicianship of a very high standard. "


Eduardo Sainz de la Maza
Platero y yo
El loco2´18
La azotea2´28
La tortuga2´28
La muerte2´18
A Platero en su tierra2´31
Antonio José
Pavana triste3´23
Maurice Ohana
Si le jour paraît
Jeu des quatre vents2´32
Henri SauguetSolilioque 4´42
total 50´27

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