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These recordings were made in a Summer house in Grisslehamn 10 km North of Stockholm, Sweden. After a warm Summer the weather changed. The first day of recording, the Alandia Sea was stormy and rainy. The second day the sun was shining and the wind was calm. With his guitar, an amp, a mike and a laptop, jazz guitarist Göran Lindelöw improvised on some originals and a couple of standards he usually plays. These two days the songs sounded like this, as all the tracks were recorded without cuts and editing.

Göran Lindelöw, guitar (

Göran Lindelöw: My wife

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1. Out of nowhere 403
2. My wife 254
3. Alice in wonderland 410
4. I am (G Lindelöw) 347
5. Rhumba La Rambla 403
6. Goodbye porkpie hat 240
7. Tre systrar 450
8. These foolish things 442
9. Wave 410
10. Very early 423
11. Come rain come shine 444
12. All the things you are 404
13. Stiltje vid Skatudden 313
Total: 5143

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