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A rich and very varied collection of songs with singer/songwriter Irene Baker - Songs from my life - and it is really as many faced as life is; ballads, hard beating punch music, energetic and up-tempo stories, meditations, almost renaissance moods and all performed with superb musicians and Irene Baker´s very personal and close-up voice and interpretation - naturally; it´s songs from HER life (all in Swedish).

Irene Baker, vocals, piano, cembalo, M1
Julian Diez, flamenco guitar
Anders Ekholm, saxophone
Göran Lindelöw, guitars
Malou Meilink, recOur Full Catalogue
Amit Sen, cello
Tommy Skotte, double bass, bass
Mikel Ulfberg, drums

Irene Baker: Stenarna / The stones

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1. Till man till kvinna 3´48
2. Kampså 3´08
3. Om jag inte skapar något själv 2´48
4. Okänt land 1´35
5. Du är för alltid min 3´13
6. Integritet 2´08
7. Hunger 1´41
8. Kakan 2´42
9. Tolv problem 1´52
10. Labyrint 1´16
11. Fabel 1´00
12. Nattrodd 4´22
13. Sonett 2´01
14. Stenarna 3´28
15. Litet ode 3´12
16. Gröna vågor gröna ögon 3´13
17. Sång om hösten 2´47
18. Barpianistens sång 3´40
19. Lilla stjärna 2´28
20. Galoppsång 1´12
21. Vaggsång 2´43
22. Hej kvällen 2´04
Total: 58´45

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