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This is the second CD from this young Swedish a cappella vocal group - Riltons Vänner, that´s Rilton´s Friends The group consists of the singers Daniel Greayer, Mathilda Lindgren, Linnéa Olsson, Sebastian Rilton and Mia Öhman, all aged 19-21 (2004).

Here we meet them in a collection of well-known political songs, arranged and performed with a lot of humour, skill and surprizes, even though the young singers were not even born when these powerful and sometimes pathetic vocal fist fighters were sung in the streets and on the barricades.

Riltons Vänner: from "Staten och Kapitalet"

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Anders Jalkéus, the Real Group: "Riltons vänner is a young and very promising vocal group. On this their first CD they manage to capture thier skill in combining musicality with humour and joy. With their warm sound, very fine intonation and stabile timing they create a CD I really warmly can recommend and I will myself enjoy it for a long time!"

Tidningen Körsång: "When Riltons Vänner now takes mouthfull of old, torne working class songs, i totally superb arrangements by the "sixth group member" Peter Björklund and with pure, extreamly clear and clean intonated voices, the almost impossible songs get a totally new freshness. Somebody may say "You cannot DO like that!", and another can say that the lyrics doesn´t seem to be naturally on the toungue like from av genuine marxist, and these teenagers cannot have any relation at all to this material, but what the heck: Riltons Vänner are lifting these dead songs to a level of pure musical euphonia! "

Musikindustrin:" Riltons vänner releases a very up-to-date album in these days with the Iraqian war. Kamrat is this groups interpretatations of ten songs written through the years for the struggle for a better world. (---) Riltons vänner make you think of a younger version of The Real Group."

LO Homepage: "Maybe the most cosy and sing-along-inviting version ever of the well-known 'Internationalen'..."

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1. I natt jag drömde
2. Ett enat folk
3. Staten och kapitalet
4. Somliga går med trasiga skor
5. Befrielsen är nära
6. Victor Jara
7. Arbetets söner
8. Vi bygger landet
9. Alla tillsammans
10. Internationalen
total: 32´32

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