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A very special recording from a new fresh Swedish a cappella vocal group - Riltons Vänner, that´s Rilton´s Friends. The group consists of the singers Daniel Greayer, Mathilda Lindgren, Linnéa Olsson, Sebastian Rilton and Mia Öhman, all aged 19-21 (2004).
- This is how they present themselves on their homepage

We are a vocal band consisting of 3 girls and 2 boys, who has been singing together since year 2000. ("Riltons Vänner" means "Friends of Rilton") Since then we have performed in a variety of different settings, both in and out of Sweden. One of the most profitable occasions (at early stage) was when we sang in the Stockholm City hall (famous for the Nobel-prize party) in connection to a party for the competitors and staff of the Eurovision song-contest. There we met a German television-producer, Ado Schlier, who invited us to Münsterschwarzach to sing at a Christmas-concert. The following period we sang at different occations, we held a concert at the Royal Musical Academy in Stockholm. Due to this we got the honour to receive the Marianne Hillerud-scholarship. Since our graduation 2001 we have been working full-time with the group, recorded two CD's, held several concerts, and much more...

Riltons Vänner: from "Vind i ögat"

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Anders Jalkéus, the Real Group: "Riltons vänner is a young and very promising vocal group. On this their first CD they manage to capture thier skill in combining musicality with humour and joy. With their warm sound, very fine intonation and stabile timing they create a CD I really warmly can recommend and I will myself enjoy it for a long time!"

Tidningen Körsång: "I got the CD in my hand just before leaving for the airport and it almost made me miss my plane; that´s how good it is! I sat astonished and listened over and over again - incredibly well performed, super clean intonation, as washed through a vocoder (it is NOT), extremely well written songs and arrangements - mindblowing! (---) According to the booklet they´ve studied for Anders Jalkéus of the Real Group... He should feel the threat ;-) from this super group of teenagers."

Mainely A Cappella ("Riltons Vänner is a relatively new Swedish group, comprised of five young but extremely talented singers. Think of the quality of the Real Group, but with the energies dedicated to pop music instead of jazz, and you've got an idea what Riltons Vänner sounds like."

Primarily A Cappella (" Two things amazed us listening to ´Kompis´: first, the the clean, super-in-tune sound of the group; and second, the excellent new songs and arrangements by non-groupmember Peter Bjorklund. With wonderful harmonies and crisp leads that make the hairs on the back of your neck tingle, not unlike their compatriots The Real Group, "Kompis" is a stunning, impressive first CD. While eight of the ten songs are in Swedish, we especially liked the two in charmingly accented English, "Lucky" and "Cruise for a while." Riltons Vänner is climbing fast in the Swedish a cappella world, and we would like to do our part to help them climb in the rest of the a cappella world by absolutely recommending ´Kompis!´"

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1. Sprid din luft
2. Inte längre kallt
3. Bortom det blå
4. Vind i ögat
5. Lucky
6. Fylld av liv
7. O'boy
8. Cruise for a while
9. Varför jag
10. När man är kära
total: 32´32

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