Jordalyft – a dance rite Since time immemorial and in all cultures, man has used the rite as a tool to express feelings in a joint action and thereby increase the cohesion of the group and the social community. Rituals are especially important when we feel threatened, worried or sad. Jordalyft – a dance rite invites you to participate in a joint expression of the environment and climate, one of the existential dilemmas of our time. Lars Björklund's subtle and whimsical texts set to music by Maria Hulthén Birkeland's beautiful folkloric tones in harmony with Elisabet Jansson's harmonious and rhythmic choreography promise a border-crossing experience for those who participate.

Maria Hulthén Birkeland, voice, fiddle
Petter Bergander, piano, accordeon
Anders Johnsson, bass


1. Jordad
2. Född bland stjärnorna
3. När jorden gråter
4. Ännu finns tid
5. Gå varsamt
6. Mina steg
7. Jordalyft
8. Bonusspår: Vi behöver varandra

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