Sacred dances ... rests on the conviction that dance is an original human need and has a healing and spiritual dimension. The first Christians were dancing as a natural expression of his joy for Christ, even the early church fathers meant that as the angels danced in a circle in the sky, the Christians should dance the same circle dance on earth.

Today Sacred dances respond the need to get together the physical and sensual with the spiritual. The dances have their roots in the folk dance and was danced in Swedish Church since early 1990's.

The Holy dances provides a dynamic liturgy and the steps are so simple that no experience is necessary. All dancing is done together by the Assembly, just as the hymn singing and prayer.

Din ljusa skugga – en mässa i Heliga danser-tradition (Your bright shade - a Mass in the Sacred Dances tradition) was created in close collaboration between lyricist Kristina Sandgren Furberg, composer Maria Hulthén Birkeland and choreographer Hans Kvarnström. The Mass includes all parts of communion worship. The imagery would describe a movement from darkness to light and is taken from the daily rhythm, from dusk to morning.

Maria Hulthén Birkeland – violin, vocals
Stephan Forkelid – piano
Jan Adefeldt – double bass

Vox Vantör Choir
conductor: Inger Nordebo Dahlkvist
Soloists from the choir:
Per-Ola Olsson (4)
Helena Karlberg (7)
Lars Andersson (7)
Aili Meikop (7)
Daniel Hammarstedt (8)
Olof Karlsson (9)

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1. Inledning – Det går en dans 4’22
2. Introitus – Aftonstjärnan tänds 3’52
3. Φverlåtelsebön – Midnatt 3’40
4. Kyrie – Vargtimmen 4’30
5. Gloria – Ljuset anas 5’00
6. Sanctus – Uppståndelsens sol 2’40
7. Herrens bφn – När ditt rike kommer 3’59
8. Nattvardssång – Du gör jorden ny 5’25
9. Dans för varje dag 2’57
10. Tackbön – Nattens labyrint 3’01

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