"Vocation på svenska" is the Vocation vocal jazz group's fourth CD and the album is a tribute to all the artists, composers and songwriters who created the Swedish vocal jazz treasure. On this CD the meeting between music from Swedish classics, American jazz standards and Swedish lyrics is full of warmth and humor. Songs and lyrics are written by among others Beppe Wolgers, Lars Forssell, Östen Warnerbring, Kai Gullmar, Owe Törnqvist and Cornelis Vreeswijk. Vocation as a group is the only one in its kind, and to present our album, containing many hidden musical treasures, with new modern crafted arrangement, is in line with Vocation's motto and goal.

Ulrika Zettersten Soprano
Helena Insulander Mezzo
Josefin Siljeholm Alto
Rolf Pilotti Tenor
Jonas Åman Baritone
Johan Lundgren Bass

GUEST LEAD VOCAL: Lill Lindfors in Nu har jag fått den jag vill ha (track 4)
Klas Toresson saxophone, clarinet
Martin Landström piano, accordeon
Martin Sjöstedt double bass
Daniel Fredriksson drums
Filip Jers harmonica (track 4)
Jonas Åman guitar (track 11)

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1 Första vackra dan i maj (Op een mooie Pinksterdag) 2.39
2 Torsten på skorsten 3.34
3 Swing it, magistern! 2.52
4 Nu har jag fått den jag vill ha 5.37
5 Vinter i skärgårn (Younger than springtime) 4.28
6 Ture och Tyra 1.48
7 Regntunga skyar 4.16
8 Mitt skepp (My ship) 4.01
9 Den gamla vaktparaden (Alte Kameraden) 4.13
10Rosornas krig 7.33
11Vad jag åt som barn (Only trust your heart) 4.48

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