Taubekören - The Taube Choir - is a Swedish mixed choir consisting of amateur singers with a love for songs by Swedish national troubadour Evert Taube. The choir is conducted by energetic Linnéa Sallay, mezzo soprano and opera singer who manages to get the best out of the very varied mix of people singing in the choir, many of them for many, many years. This is the debut album by the choir and it is filled with the most loved songs by Taube, as well as some less known titles, all in fresch arrangements, many of them by the conductor Linnéa Sallay.

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1. Nigande vals, arr: L Sallay
2. Pierina, unison sång
3. Min älskling, arr: L Sallay
4. Brudvals, arr: L Sallay
5. Ingrid Dardels Polska, arr: Anita Svenson
6. Morgon efter regn, arr: L Sallay/R Bergström
7. Fritiof & Carmencita, arr: L Sallay/intro-idé efter Arne Dagsvik
8. Tango i Nizza, arr: L Sallay
9. Tatuerarevalsen, arr: L Sallay
10. Så skimrande var aldrig havet, arr: L Sallay/J-E Sandvik
11. Sjösala vals, arr: G Lundén-Welden
12. Gubben Noak, (Carl Michael Bellman) arr: K-F Jehrlander/bearbetat av L Sallay
13. Fragancia, arr: Gunnar Hahn
14. Serenaden i Prästgatan, arr: L Sallay
15. Som stjärnor små, arr: L Sallay
16. Karl-Alfred och Ellinor,arr: Monika Lilja/bearbetat av L Sallay
17. Pepita dansar, arr: L Sallay
18. Sommarnatt, arr: L Sallay/R Bergström
19. Calle Schewens vals, unison sång
20. Evert Taube (Thore Skogman), arr: Lars Ericson/bearbetat av L Sallay
Total: 5751

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