A sparkling collection of pure hit songs with religious texts and gospel rythm power that amaze, all set to music by great talent Martin Ehntorp who presents a treasure of fresh new songs.
This is an amazing CD - not often you get 14 hits on a single album if it is not a ”greatest hits” one... This is the debut CD by young multi instrumentalist and singer Martin Ehntorp - He plays all the instruments, sings in all choral parts (even Soprano!) together with some great Swedish gospel singers, and he also wrote the music, arranged, recorded and produced the album - and made the cover artwork. Speaking about multi talent! I promise this is not the only time you will hear his voice!

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Martin Ehntorp: By faith

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1By faith 4:25
2A little “thanks” 4:08
3Walk while in the light 3:51
4Don’t be afraid 3:24
5Holy, holy, holy 3:15
6Hear my voice 4:19
7Glory to God 3:17
8Lord have mercy 4:37
9Lift up your head 4:19
10I think I am a believer 3:30
11Lamb of God 4:42
12Praise the Lord 3:30
13Let the singin’ do the talk 3:17
14Divine electricity 3:45
15We believe 3:13
Total: 57:38

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