This is the second release on GASON Jazz label with guitarist/composer Håkan Goohde and contains plain solo acoustic guitar - Goohde´s own compositions matching his very personally couloured versions of standards by Ellington, Green, Cahn and Charlie Parker. A CD to really sink into, regardless if it´s Winter or Spring...


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1. Octo I / Goohde 0´43
2. I got it bad /Ellington 1´37
3. Shanti / Goohde 3´07
4. Ois / Goohde 3´18
5. Body & soul / Green 5´22
6. Okto II / Goohde 4´53
7. Ds.oo / Goohde 2´35
8. Thebe / Goohde 2´43
9. I should care / Cahn 3´07
10. Foam / Goohde 4´13
11. Donna Lee / Parker 3´22

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