This almost legendary World Music Group (born in 1973) is still going strong, finding new songs to perform in their totally own way, and also writing new songs in today┤s styles and moods, still with the roots in folklore and ethnics. The members, Bert Kolker, Kaj Magnusson, Stellan Sagvik, Göran Stark and Arnold Svensson play more than 50 different instruments from every possible cultural spheare.
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Svenska Dagbladet: " Musikgruppen Raa, started in 1973 as one of the first Swedish world music groups - and they are still playing. It sounds, almost, as it did 30 years ago. The music of RAA is based on singing and acoustical instruments, strings from guitar and double bass, bouzouki and domra, and together with accordeon and clarinet. Melodies from all corners of the world - Holland, USA, Greece, Italy... are sung with Swedish lyrics. A couple of songs are adapted from the ever companions of RAA; the Scot duo Incredible Stringband. The world music RAA started mixing in the 70:s was of that great personality that it is still unique. Today the experiences over the years and maturity balanced and smoothened the mixture. "

Östgötacorrespondenten: " Are you longing for the joyful, playful attitude of the 70:s? Then RAA is well worth listening to. Here styles are mixed in a way you rarely hear today: Swedish, Irish, Celtic, klezmer, orient in a wide mix. (---) RAA is five skillful musicians with a long record. That guarantees quality and I myself favour the jumping clarinet in ┤Pölsan┤ and the very gentle songs borrowed from Robin Williamson, frontman in Scottish Incredible Stringband." " RAA is sometimes called one of the first world music groups, long before the expression existed. They play music from all corners of the world. RAA is not any world music group - they have a very own sound that you can recognize from years away. They have a fantastic singer and great variation of songs that gave them their cult status. The new album ┤Onda bet┤ contains as good songs as ever! There is this the same amazing tension between singing and instruments. It is remarkable that RAA can sound as fresh and joyful as they did 25 years ago."

Lira: " With joyful playing, musicality and humour you can reach far. And if you play like RAA you get still further. RAA is an institution in Swedish world music. (---) All is played with a bunch of acoustical instruments and a singing with combined commitment and strength. Burlesque, beautiful and with a winking eye. RAA plays the guts out and are among the best on the Swedish musical scene. And still! That is remarkable. "


1┤34 1. Boels dans (Stellan Sagvik)
4┤36 2. Gasbromsen / I-blues (Kaj Magnusson)
3┤36 3. Irr-ländaren (Kaj Magnusson)
2┤47 4. Kaniner (Kaj Magnusson)
2┤20 5. Munkväckning (ungersk trad. Svensk text: Kaj Magnusson)
5┤38 6. Pappa har sagt (Kaj Magnusson)
2┤28 7. En trist visa från Höganäs (Bengt Ernryd - Lars Forssell)
3┤08 8. Passa Kalle (Den inbillningsfriske gubben) (irländsk trad. Svensk text: Kaj Magnusson)
2┤43 9. Styv i korken (amerikansk trad. Text: Kaj Magnusson)
2┤08 10. Stadshotell (Kaj Magnusson)
2┤15 11. Pölsan (Musik: Kaj Magnusson Text: Göran Stark)
3┤03 12. Di sapˇzhkelach (jiddish trad)
5┤17 13. Tundrans lamento (Kaj Chydenius)
3┤04 14. Tivoliv (Kaj Magnusson)
5┤04 15. Vid sköna sollandets kust / Tills här blir där (Robin Williamson. Svensk text: Stellan Sagvik)
2┤22 16.Vilda fåglar (Kaj Magnusson)
3┤59 17. Zmerkle (Kaj Magnusson)
3┤42 18. Onda bet (Väggalusen) (Kaj Magnusson. Text: svensk trad.)
3┤16 19. öppna sår (Claes Wang - Kaj Magnusson)
2┤30 20. Ti┤öring (holländsk trad. Svensk text: Kaj Magnusson )
1┤58 21. En sjöman kan må illa (grekisk trad. Svensk text: Kaj Magnusson)
3┤30 22. Två systrar (keltisk trad. Svensk text: Kaj Magnusson)
2┤21 23. Till Italien ska vi dra┤ (italiensk trad. Svensk text: Kaj Magnusson)
1┤47 24. Vaggvisa (Thore Söder - Kaj Magnusson)
total: 76.30  

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