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The new CD from amazing Swedish a cappella vocal group - Riltons Vänner, that´s Rilton´s Friends, already 2006 CARAs Announced Award Winner. Or if you're not into acronyms, the Contemporary A Cappella Society has announced the 2006 Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards and Winner Folk/World Album: Här Är Passion – Riltons Vänner!

The CD solely consists of songs written by Peter Björklund, with all the lyrics in Swedish. The title is Här är passion which translates "here is passion" (literal).

After their two first very successful releases the group and their songwriter now takes a gigantic leap developing new ways of expressing vocal a capella music. We hear both virtuoso popish tunes and intricate arrangements where you loose track of the separate parts and just lay back sipping the effortless, clean and precise singing of these great artists.

If you have the opportunity to hear and see them live - do not miss it for the world! They are equally great on stage - a not so common talent among the young groups of today!

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Riltons Vänner: Sound sample collage from the new CD Här är passion

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Primarily A Cappella:" Oh, to be young, beautiful, and a member of the hottest Swedish a cappella ensemble since the Real Group, Rilton's Vanner (Rilton's Friends)! (---) are now one of the most well known groups in Sweden—and the rest of the world is quickly becoming aware because of excellent CDs like "Kompis." Their music ranges from jazz standards and pop covers, but their main focus is their own music. "Har ar passion" (Here is Passion) is their third album, 11 songs consisting solely of music and lyrics especially written for the group. (---) Comparisons to the Real Group in sheer listening enjoyment are well-founded. Innovative, complex arrangements are effortlessly followed; and the group's precise, clean sound is as rewarding on first listen as on subsequent appreciative returns. "Kompis" was outstanding, "Har ar passion" is even better, and with "Vanner" like these, can international stardom be far off? One of the best CDs we've heard this year."

DN:"(---) Here we find a pure, almost boys´choir sounding brilliance (---) and what it sums up to is maybe the great skill. This genre is nothing that is possible to do half the way or even half good; the singers have to be virtuoso individuals and also VERY well trimmed to each other as a group. Riltons Vänner is very talented and more than worth listening to! "

Norran:" Just voices, but sounding like a small orchestra. Pure voices, great arrangements in the genre of another Swedish ensemble - The Real Group - The latter should feel the Rilton breath in their neck."

Barometern:" There is not only Passion - there is also ambition. Neither enthusiasm nor individual skill is lacking."

Värnamo Nyheter:" The lyrics are unusually intelligent and together with the great arrangements this is a very exciting combination. Riltons Vänner have found their own style mixing pop and folk ballad. A cappella singing is among the most difficult of musical genres. Amazing how Riltons Vänner succeed!"


1. Längtar till sommarn
2. Här är passion
3. Folket från EÄ
4. Kyss mig varm
5. Argument
6. Poesi för snabbmatskultur
7. Inga ord
8. Världens starkaste man
9. Schack matt
10. Brinner av längtan
11. När du ler
total: 50´32

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