The funk queen of Anderstorp Helén Johansson goes soft and tindering presenting this Christmas album with some well-known Xmas songs in snow fresh versions, combined with totally new, moving, funny, earfriendly and sometimes surprizing songs by Helén Johansson - all in superb arrangements by the master Stefan Pettersson of Rougin Studios. This is a CD you will really enjoy working with Christmas preparations or just relaxing in the mist of baking flour and candle dripping... all in Swedish ;-)

HelÚn Johansson - voice
Stefan Pettersson - bass
Lucas Edman - drums
Magnus Welander - piano
Johannes Dybeck - alto sax
Bernt Lundgren - guitar


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Helén Johansson: När tomten var liten (When Santa was little)

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SvD: "(---) The singer-songwriter Helén Johansson has a light and smooth easygoing voice reminding of Flora Purim. On this Christmas CD she shows a more emotional face, singing X-mas songs and hymns in a somewhat less funky environment that on her earlier CDs. Her own songs give a charming, naïve view on Christmas. She sings about Santa┤s hard labour, in the song about Chocholate she is playing around with jazz moods. In the traditional songs we meet acoustic guitar and warmly sounding church bells. Her music has a both tastefull and beautiful span. "


1. Tomtebossa 3┤19
2. Ljus i alla fönster 3┤26
3. Sång till Karl-Bertil Jonsson, 14 år 2┤59
4. O Betlehem, du lilla stad 3┤23
5. Det är en ros utsprungen 2┤24
6. Snöflinga 2┤18
7. Glad av choklad 4┤06
8. När tomten var liten 2┤22
9. Sankta Lucia 3┤16
10. Långt borta i stallet 2┤59
11. Nu tändas tusen juleljus 1┤54
Total: 32┤25

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